Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hail The King.

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Mr Stephen King is perhaps a man blessed with talent. Talent that just don't stick to one path. I don't think you can just come up with a Stephen King formula.

While browsing the shelf with his books few months ago, I noticed at the back of every book are recommendations.

"If you liked this Stephen King book, you might enjoy blah blah and blah."

I thought it was weird. To me it was obvious that if you liked the book, just choose another.


I first read and finished Needful Things. I loved it so much. I then decided to try some of his works under his other name, Richard Bachman. Ok, there's not many but it was enough to prove my theory.

What theory?

Stephen King's books are divided into categories. Which I don't know what are they but I think that the recommendation behind those books might just be helpful.

I heaped praises on The Long Walk but The Running Man wasn't really my taste. I didn't even get passed the 50th page of the 3rd book.

I bought Under the Dome, its partially read.

The Shining? Well. Too winded. But still readable. I didn't devour it word by word. But, its readable. So yes, Mokesart, just give it a read. You won't be wasting your time.

So, Stephen King. Just cause you like one book of his, it doesn't mean you'll love the next one you pick. Keep on trying.

I want to be a writer like that. Diverse enough.


PurpleMist. said...

I STILL haven't read any Stephen King's novels. I really want to, though.
And that's cool, I didn't know he was so diverse or that he had another name he published under.

Izzy Hilliard said...

Also, I haven't read any Stephen King either. I really should because I know I would like them a lot if I just tried it.

Mark said...

I have read Stephen King books and you're right. There is no set formula. They're all really varied and there are some I do enjoy, and some I didn't. I enjoyed The Stand (and I read the full version) and Carrie and some others, but I wasn't very fond of Under The Dome. If I can enjoy The Stand, it doesn't seem to be a length thing. I'm not too sure what it was, but I just didn't enjoy it as much. I would still call it a good book though.

Hanis. said...

@Purple: You should. But don't ask me for which book to get you started on. What you should do is go to his page on Wiki and read up the pages of his books. You'll get the basic plot/some spoilers. But you'll know what you might like.

I didn't know too. Until I picked up Under the Dome. I'm planning which book of his I'll read/buy after this.

@Izzy: Haha. It took me few years to read one. I first saw a copy of one of his book in my school library. It was too complicated. Traumatised me.

@Mark: I'm trying to read my Dome right now. I think perhaps the large number of characters that might be a problem. But yes, its a good book.

Meli D. said...

Rainbow coloured heart? *flattered and enthralled* Where is that? :D I wanna see! ^^

Anywho, to the post - good point on his works. I've heard a lot about his writing and his books. I'm not too sure if I want to read into them, though, considering that the movies that I've seen based on some (there are so many O__O) aren't quite in my reading comfort zone.

& the only book of his that I read and forced myself to finish was "Blaze". o____o I mean, yeah, I really tried, but yeah. It was a good book. Well written with interesting characters... but not quite my thing.

Great post, anywho :D Direct, precise, and to the point. & with great reason, too :)

Hanis. said...

@Meli: I'll take a picture of my rainbow coloured heart one day. Have you seen the movie version of The Mist? Its prettty scary.

Haha. Forced. I have done that with some books. So yeah, I know what you mean. Its kinda like how I don't really like ... some books. xD

Thank you for commenting :D

Meli D. said...

Yays~! :3
Nope, haven't seen it! Although, yeah, Mr. King does have some novels that nod to the horror section... ^^"

'tis understood, fellow book reader ^___^ haha, you're welcome ♥ Do keep writing, though! *waves*


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