Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Food, Thoughts and Fasting. Pictures Too.

I'm fasting today. No, its not the month of fasting. No, its not a diet attempt since I usually pig out later. No, I'm not trying to save money because I'll spend even more on my pigging out meal.

Due to some reasons, I'm fasting today.

On a normal day, I look forward to my meals. I sometimes plan what I want to eat.

During the fasting month, I'll tell Mama what might be good on the table during iftar.

But when I'm fasting on some wild random day, I turn into a food maniac.

I look at pictures of food, I read blog posts about food and I freaking imagine food.Its only 2pm here and I've been planning what to eat for iftar for the past 4 hours. Let me take you through my mind for a bit.

I want a Subway. But then its Tuesday, I don't like the Daily Sub. What about KFC? Oh god, those fried chicken. I'll get a snack plate, spicy. But but, I can just imagine ordering Tomyam Noodles. Or maybe I can get Uncle Bob's Fried Chicken.

No no, I need to save some money. I'll just get a burger .. which I had yesterday. Fried rice then. Hmmm, what kind? Chicken fried rice, seafood fried rice, pattaya fried rice( a giant thin omelette is wrapped around the fried rice), Oh oh oh. Mushroom fried rice. With a sunny side up. Yum.

Or maybe, McDonald's.

So far, I've planned to even get some chocolate thingies, just to add the sugar in my blood (not that I'm in danger of it going low). Perhaps a waffle with chocolate and strawberry jam spread on it.

Over here, waffles are pretty much "popular". We got these stalls where they make the waffles there and you tell them what you want on it. You can choose from chocolate, blueberry jam, strawberry jam, butter, coconut jam and peanut butter. You can even ask for more than one spread.


Last week, I bought this chocolate mint ice blended drink. Oh it was so good.

There's this uncle who sells prawn fritters which is the best I ever had in my life. He'll cut up 3 big ones for you, pour some sweet chilli sauce on it and its yours for a mere one ringgit.

(Is getting even more food in her mind)

Its less than 4 hours before I can eat. Less than 3 before I'll go buy food, unless I plan to go eat out.

To point out how much I love food, I'm posting some pictures of food I've taken with my phone over the past few months.

Cookies and cream drink from KFC.

Spicy beef spaghetti. Home made.

Vanilla ice cream on top of apple crumble. Home made.

Enriched Chocolate drink from Old Town White Coffee.

Fried rice, mixed vege stir fry, sweet and sour fish fillet and a piece of beef at some buffet.

Rice, lemon chicken and fried oyster mushroom. Home made.

Chocolate lava cake. Home made.

Mint with choc chips on top, cookies and cream on bottom.

Chicken patty, wrapped in egg,

Frozen yogurt from Tutti Frutti.

Yes, I'll be posting pictures on what I eventually decide to get for today.



Mark said...

Now I'm hungry, but thankfully it's not like I'm fasting. Though I am slightly jealous of the lovely looking things you get to eat.

Daniyal Arain said...

When people post pictures of food on their blog ....a part of me tells me that I'm never gonna get out of my room to make that. & then it dies.

Hanis. said...

@Mark:I don't take enough pictures. I'm sure if you post some of what you ate I'll be jealous.

@Daniyal: Hahaha. I get that feeling when I accidentally read someone's weight loss blog. Blergh.

kae said...

sounds like you have this crazy loveaffair with food! (: hey. the whole idea of fasting might not be good for you. hehe. love this post!

my last blog post: http://solipsisticdrivel.blogspot.com/2012/04/solitude.html


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