Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Oh Ho Ho. My New Fave Phrase.

To your right is a poll, answer it. Thank you.

I totally stole this from Mark's blog. They were so interesting.

1. Book or movie or TV show and why?

Hmm. My first choice is book, of course. But then, Cake Boss is better off as a show, not a book. I'm allowed my own attention span with books and tv shows. But the latter often has episodes which makes it confusing if I dare to miss one. Movies are too long but sometimes a story is better off a 2.5 hour feature compared to 20 30 minutes episodes.

Pros and cons.

2. Real book or e-book or audio book?

The only one I have a problem with is the audio book. Book brings the mental image of something you read, using your eyes. When you have to listen to a book, its not a book. Unless you're blind or illiterate, audio books are a no-no.

Real books = heaven. E-books enable people like me aka people with limited funds to read more. They also save trees.

3. Funniest thing you've done in the last five years?

I'm trying to remember. I'm pretty sure it involved Mamon, me, food, her room and being high on coffee, instant noodles and gossip.

God, my memory is bad. I'll get back on this, one day.

4. Do you put yourself into the books you read/write or the movies you watch?

Yes. But usually, I'll create a whole other plot or at least a side plot involving me and some of the characters. This is how I started my obsession with Harry Potter fanfiction.

This is also how I get my ideas for short stories/novels. In my head, I got brilliant chapters based on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Gossip Girl, The Time Traveller's Wife and others.

The books I write? Well, I know I've put pieces of me in some of the characters.

5. How would your best friend describe you.

I don't have a best friend due to my belief and experiences of whenever I declare someone to be my best friend, that friendship dies soon. But for the sake of answering this, I'm asking Mokesart.

Hanis: You're being promoted to best friend long enough to email me your reply to this. Once I get it, you're back to being Plan C.

Hanis is probably the closest thing to a best friend I have at the moment. I know that whenever I need someone to talk to, she's going to be there to listen, no matter how childish or pathetic she thinks I'm being. Hanis can have a short fuse – but she's also incredibly patient. She's smart, but sometimes doesn't see the obvious. Though it's cute when she realises that she's missed something right under her nose. She's hopelessly romantic (and helplessly romantic too!), and has a love for books that I can't stand. Somewhere between a realist, optimist and pessimist, with the strange combination of practicality and vanity, is Hanis. A unique person with a fantastic mind, a lot of heart, and someone I always feel comfortable talking to – no matter what the subject is.

Its official, I'm in love with him. Joke.

6. Favourite kind of car and why?

I like sleek ones. I like ones that well, cost a bit over the average. I get that from my father. My father has this hobby. He change cars. Okay, from what I can remember aka around 5 years old, we have had fourteen cars. Yes, over the course of eighteen years, there had been fourteen cars. God. Well, most of the time, we would have 2 cars at once. But still.

Oh wait, I want a soft yellow VW Bettle. So pretty. Or my mom's Kia Forte. Or the car before that, a Honda City.

7. Would your choice for a party be a catered meal or a barbecue out back?

Catered meal means less clean up, less work for me. Mama sometimes hold gatherings at our house which she cooks for. Fortunately for those guests, she doesn't just cook something tasty, she fills up the whole table from appetisers to desserts.

Once, during a brunch party, she made nasi lemak (Google it) and made me cut up banana leaves after brushing them against fire. Then, I had to wipe them clean before putting one on each plate.

"Oh my, I just love it when there's banana leaf on my plate."

"Oh ho ho, that's why I'm doing it."

But I think it depends on the company. Small gathering, I'll do a barbecue. If not, I'll cater.

8. What's your favorite season and why?

We don't have seasons over here in good ol Malaysia. But I remember enjoying that moment between summer and autumn. The way the leaves were changing colours, god, it makes me sigh. Winter, well, I didn't like the cold that much. Summer, the sun (I know, living in my current climate makes it a bit dumb for me to hate the sun).

9. What specific lesson have you learned - Spiritual, educational, occupational?

Spiritual- Everyone has their own way, you shouldn't judge because it will bite you on your ass one day.

Educational- Sometimes, that feeling you get when you succeed, you know, that:

"Fuck yes, I just proven that I'm better than you/better than any of you expect."

Is the only thing that pushes me in going on.

Occupational- Don't ever ever work for a small family owned place. They're full of hypocrites and bullshit.

10. Besides writing, what's your favorite thing to do when you get some extra time?

Nothing. I just write.

Reading. Daydreaming. For now, I like watching House MD on my laptop as I gush over Kal Penn (god he is so cute). I just finished reading Sailormoon e-comic books. Usually, when I got some extra time, I like to read or be online.

11. What's one place you can be found at least one time every week?

*thinks* Other than my house, the kitchen, the faculty, the hostel ... I have no bloody idea. Oh wait, the bus stop. Most of my classes are at the faculty, about eleven minutes of walking. But for 3 classes, I have to go off campus and for another, I have to get to the older part of the campus. Hence, bus stop.


Mark said...

We know it's not much of a joke. I'm glad you two have someone like eachother to rely on like that. Even if you don't want to use conventional terms.

Izzy Hilliard said...

This is so cool! I may have to steal the survey if you don't mind.

I always put myself into the books I read. Harry Potter all the time.

Hanis. said...

@Mark: Mokesart will get a mini heart attack when he sees your comments, then tell me "Hanis, stop making it look like we're together."

He's my Plan C, that is all.

@Izzy: Stealllll it. Haha. Harry Potter is the reason I love my imagination.


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