Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Chaos in the Kitchen.

I'm reading the recipe for chocolate chip almond cookies that was written about 20 years ago while mentally doubling the measurements for today's batch.

"Mama, are you sure we need 112 grams of brown sugar? Not 110 grams?"

Sitting at the table with her slices of oranges, she nodded, reminding me for the nth time to double it all.

"We need 400 grams of chocolate chips. We need 160 more."

"Put in oatmeal."

"You sure?"

Then, a search for castor sugar began.

"I bought some last week." - Mama

"Noo, that's icing sugar. I was the one who took it, remember?"

"Why did you get icing sugar?"

"You told me to."

"I said castor."

"Nooo. You said icing. I repeated it few times. You said yes."

*is searching among jars*

"Oh, I must have been distracted by the cake display."

We found the castor sugar. Then, brown sugar. In Malay, we call it by a whole different colour. Brown = coklat, but we call it perang = dark red. We didn't have any. But, we had merah = red sugar. Which led to a mini debate if we can use that instead.

We did.

Beat the castor sugar and butter until it gets light and fluffy

Second mini debate: What is light and fluffy?

We got 3 cookie jars full of cookies, hiding one from the male members and not even 24 hours later, one jar is empty. Then Mama tells me she wants to bake a cake soon.

"When you say "I want to bake" it usually means Hanis will bake it for you."


"When you ask me to help you with the donuts, you're only going to fry them."


"When you say you want to make shepherd's pie, I'll be making the mashed potatoes and beef while you'll just set it up in the casserole dish before telling me how long I should bake it."

"Of course."

"You're using me."

"No, I'm teaching you how to cook."

*moment of thought*


But I still fail at cooking local dishes, especially curry. Its evil. I'll never marry a guy who will insists me to make it for him. Mama sees it as her failure to make me a curry lover.

Menu of the Day

Fried Rice with Calimari and Fishcakes
Fish Crackers
Calimari Rings

My current obsession #1

My current obsession #2

My current obsession #3


ishashime said...

recently my own mother has also taken it upon herself to try and "teach me how to cook". haha. oh well, at least we're learning!

PurpleMist. said...

Haha, I have all those doubts too when I'm following a recipe.

This posts makes me want to bake cookies!

I love texts from Bennett :D

Hanis. said...

@ishashime: Haha. Mine still thinks I can't cook due to my reluctance in frying chicken/fish.

@Purple: Coookies. If you ever have a recipe just like Subway cookies, give me.
I laughed so hard reading the texts.

Mark said...

My mum never taught me how to cook. I asked her to do it once but nothing ever came from it. It's probably one of the reasons I'm not so good with cooking. I have made curry before though. At school. My teacher ruined it :(

Izzy Hilliard said...

I need to eat something. Right now.

Juli said...

I cook. Tony eats it. If he doesn't like it, he buys dinner out.

It works well for us.

Because if I taught him to cook, or asked him to cook, we'd eat nothing but scrambled eggs. Every. Single. Day.

Hanis. said...

@Mark: You should be more persistent. awww, how did he/she ruined it?

@Izzy: Go go go, to the kitchen. Get foood.

@Juli: Haha. Even though I love scrambled eggs, there's a limit. Try to teach him how to make things he love to eat


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