Monday, April 16, 2012

Letter to People: Weddings/Gatherings.

Dear people I meet at weddings/family gatherings,

First of all, I know you're somewhat related to me. Secondly, god I wish you weren't. Thirdly, you seriously need a lesson in Polite Conversations.


"Oh my, you're bigger than your mother."

"Wow, you've gotten so big."

Those, aren't polite conversations. Hell, its only allowed to stay in your mind. Do not come to me, smiling and tell me those things. You even expect me to laugh it off.

I won't mind so much if you're some silly teenager age. But when you're at least my mom's age, you're just being a bitch.

The fun thing is, people wonder why I dislike weddings so much. I don't mind the "When will be your turn?" because hey, I'm not desperate enough to marry some loser like the bride at the moment.

So, next time someone tells me how big I'am, here's some of the replies they might get.

"Wow, you've gotten so many wrinkles."

"Oh my, you look a bit tired, menopause much?"

"My oh my, looks like someone's approaching their life's deadline."

No, I won't say those things. But I'll just raise my brow and in my cool voice:

"Wow, so polite of you."

That's one person off the guest list for my wedding one day.


PurpleMist. said...

People at weddings are the worst!
All those aunties who point and talk about you when you're standing RIGHT THERE.Ugh -.-

Izzy Hilliard said...

Ugh rude conversations with family. What a joy.

Luckily, being 15 I don't have to deal with the when it will be my turn. I'm not looking forward to getting older.

Mark said...

I would suggest you do say those things, but yeah that would be lowering yourself to their level really.

Juli said...

I have a friend who is VERY thin. And people remark all the time about how thin she is. Until she looks back at them and says "Wow, you look great despite that extra 20lbs you're sporting around your midsection now."

They never comment again.

ishashime said...

weddings and family gatherings are excellent ways to discover people you have never before seen in your life but you're somehow related. haha.
and yeah, i hate the awkward conversations at family gatherings.


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