Sunday, April 29, 2012

Monthly Review.

The fourth month of the year has been so-and-so with me. I've done plenty of things (food) and watched things (House M.D) while planned things (How to Procrastinate Studying). Here's some pictures I took for this month.

I saved up money just so I could go out during this mid term break. But on the very last day of class, I came upon a place that sells Victoria's Secret perfumes. Who am I to resist? So, instead of going out to watch movies and stuff myself, I spend time at home, smelling of Vanilla Lace. (Which is super good btw)

I'm still crying when I need to study this subject. I think I understand the concepts but BOOM. I don't. Its interesting-ish. Well, if you ever want to know about pension, don't ask me.

I got this book from a classmate who owed me a book since I did him a favour. Okay, I might have forced him to buy a book without knowing which one I want. So I chose a Stephen King. Next time, I'll get ... something.

Where I live, there's plenty of wireless internet which aren't available to me. Sadness. But this one made me laughed. I think someone might have spend time on 9gag or tumblr. If you ever read this, I want to be your friend.

This is me, being super hungry while waiting for dinner at this semester's Dean's List ceremony. There were about 500-ish recipients for my faculty and more than one hundred from my course alone.

The theme was white and purple so you can see the tiny effort I put in there. Yes, I've experienced severe tanning due to my walking to class.

This is the food I ate. Some kind of rice, with chicken, a boiled egg and veges. I remember going "God, last semester's food was way better" before stuffing my face because I was super hungry.

When it comes to food, I'm a creature of habit if I find something good. This is my typical lunch. Rice, fried chicken (to die for), bergedel (potatoes and pieces of chicken in a ball covered with egg before frying) and some spicy spicy spicy chilli dip. God, I miss this.

Yes, it always comes to food when its me. This is last night's dinner. Fish, prawns, mushrooms and calimari with cream cheese, tartar sauce and chilli sauce at the side. He he he. Yes, hate me.


Mark said...

Well it sounds like you had a decent month :) I'm going to have to take your word for it that perfume smells good. I'm yet to read The Shining, and I haven't even seen the movie of it, but it's not the only King I'm yet to read (or see).

Confessions from the Hairdresser said...

Hey gorgeous!

Before I forget, you look so FABULOUS in that picture! Pink is so great on you!
I love love LOVE that you've been including more pictures in your posts lately! I love seeing exactly what you're seeing and how you see it!

I will admit, the VS bag caught my attention first! I wondered if you were buying sexy underthings, and I my first thought was "you go girl, LOL." I've always loved Victoria's Secret fragrances (not for me, obviously) specifically 'pink' and 'Love Spell'. 'Love Spell' is a little common and not necessarily the best fragrance, but when I was a teenager and still dating girls I had a girlfriend who used to wear it and it reminds me of that time. We're still really great friends but she wears CHANEL now. Sometimes at a mall or something someone has it on and it makes me think of her.

The cuisine looks great too, especially the bergedel. Even though I don't eat meat I refuse to miss out on a new experience because of it, so I would definitely try the bergedel if I came across it.

And since I didn't forget (and even though I already said it) you look gorgeous!

Hanis. said...

@Mark: Oh it does. Just like vanilla which in turn reminds you of cakes and cookies. The Shining is an okay read. Better than Carrie. Haha.

@adam: I just love it when you call me gorgeous :D I've just been taking more pictures and liking them enough.

Haha. We don't have VS over here, just some reseller for perfumes ;( If there were, I would be saving up to buy me some sexy things xD. I've always been into vanilla as a smell though I was tempted by the one that smelled like mangoes.

Oooh, bergedel is simple to make. I've had some meatless ones but here's some recipe and I think you can just omit out the beef/chicken part:

You should try it, and then tell me :)

Juli said...

Have I ever told you how much I love your self description?

We should all think and be beautiful. :)

PurpleMist. said...

Hahaha, you forced someone to buy you a book? I should do that from now on and be like "Oh you want me to do this thing for you? Fine, but I expect a book in return".

Love that picture of you :D
And your clothes fit the theme perfectly!

And omg all the food <3

Hanis. said...

@Juli: Its a great way of thought. Sadly, I can't keep it up all the time.

@Purple: Haha. Well, he had to use the book vouchers we all got, so yes. It is the best idea ever.

<3 aww thanks. You should have seen the other girls, god, I felt so out of theme.

Food= love.


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