Monday, April 30, 2012

Poll Results.

Since there's only few hours left to the poll, I'll just take the results as it is now.

Clearly, the winner is:

50 Things I Wish I Can Do/Say

*thunks head on table*

First and foremost, this is the one I'm most reluctant to write. Its Mokesart's suggestion so I'm pretty sure he bribed you all to vote for it. So damn his luck, I'm stuck. Haha.

No, I haven't started on the list yet. But I know that those 50 things would fulfill this long criteria:

"These would be the things that I haven't done/said due to shyness, no opportunity/missed out on a chance or common politeness. It won't be something I haven't done due to financial constraints."

Which is just making things way easier personal for me. I bet half the list would be about guys, while the other half would be on scathing thoughts concerning relatives and friends.

Yes, this list would practically be me voicing out my most inner thoughts.

*bangs head on table*

I love you guys for voting but why didn't you vote on something else.



Izzy Hilliard said...

I voted for the travel on AND the one about what you could say. SO, LIKE, I'm still a good one.

Mark said...

Well I don't think Mozart actually got anyone to pick that one. If it's not things you can't do for financial reasons then it also got a whole lot more interesting, so as much as I'd like to be sorry for voting for that, I'm not really. It could be good to get a bit introspective.

PurpleMist. said...

Haha yay I voted for that :D)
But but! I also voted for the things you love about yourself.

Lioness Without A Pride said...

Maybe this is the moment in time when I should confess.
That I visited your blog daily and voted on your poll.
And I just realised that that might count as cheating. But I really really wanted to see you do this, because I find your posts to be very insightful, and I find myself through your posts a lot. So I KNOW it's selfish of me to have done all of that and now I'm confessing and apologising.

Just do all of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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