Sunday, April 15, 2012

That Harry Potter Survey.

Q1 Your favourite of the seven books

The one I love the most is the third one because it gives so many bits and pieces to his parents' lives. Closely followed by the fourth one for all the magical moments.

Q2 Your favourite of the eight movies

The first one. Perhaps because it is the only one I watched before reading the book so I didn't get all critical.

Q3 Which (if any) of the films have made you angry becaues they ignored important parts of the book?

The fourth one totally ignored the existence of Hermione's Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare. That one is also the most confusing movie to watch and since when did Durmstrang became an all boys' school and Beubaxtons' an all girls' ?

Q4 Your least favourite female character and why

Don't kill me but apart from the obvious one that I hate such as Dolores Umbridge, I don't like Ginny Weasley. Not even one bit. I disliked how rude she was to Hermione in the sixth book when Hermione nagged Harry about the Half Blood Prince's book.

I know that some see Ginny as strong, coming from a family of boys. I see her as spoiled. I don't see her having any significant role, apart from being kidnapped by Tom Riddle and well, being Harry's girlfriend.

Q5 Your favourite male character and why

Sirius Black. He's wild and free. I'm just in love with him. Regulus Black seems like an underappreciated character. I'll take them both.

Q6 Which house would you want to be in and what house do you think you'd get?

Draco in Slytherin, Ron in Gryffindor. I might get Ravenclaw. I want Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff. I think Slytherins are often judged and there's too much expectations put on Gryffindors.

Q7 Your favourite female character and why

Luna Lovegood. Hermione Granger. I can't choose. Both are understanding and smart in their own way. Confident.

Q8 What do you think would be your favourite subject at Hogwarts?

Potions. Its kinda like Chemistry and cooking. Snape aka the sexiest teacher alive would be teaching it too.

Q9 Your least favourite male character and why

Gilderoy Lockhart. Such vainness. Nuff said.

Q10 Pick one - Hallows or Horcruxes

I pick Draco Malfoy. I mean, Hallows.

Q11 The character you relate to the most

Neville. His name came first in my mind. No explanation.

Q12 Your favourite pairing

Canon wise? None. Haha. But fanon wise, I love Harmony aka Harry and Hermione. In a perfect world, its Harry Hermione, Ron Luna and Ginny Neville.

But then, in my fanfiction world, I support the odd relationship of Draco, Hermione and Blaise. Oh ho ho ho. Well, in that world, I usually like Hermione with most guys, except Ron.

Q13 Your least favourite of the eight movies

The fourth one. Everyone had ugly hair in that one. Haha.

Q14 Pick one - Team Harry or Team Voldemort

They have sexy bad boys on Team Voldy but then, I'll go for Team Harry.

Q15 Who would be your best friends at Hogwarts?

I'll gossip with Hermione, play flirt with Dean and Ron, exchange heated looks with Draco and walk around the lake with Luna. I won't have best friends, I'll have plenty of close friends.

Q16 Your favourite professor

Remus Lupin. With being a werewolf and his vulnerable-like state, he just seems so sexy and I want to jump him He's a great teacher, I wish I have one like him.

Q17 Your least favourite of the seven books

The 2nd one. Maybe its because Ginny appeared.

Q18 Do you prefer the books or the films?

The books. Duh.

Q19 If you could meet one member of the cast, who would it be?

Emma Watson. Oh wait, Rupert. Oh wait, I mean that cute guy who plays Blaise in the last movie. You know, the one who didn't die in that fire.

Q20 If you could bring one of the characters back to life, who would you choose?

Hmm. Sirius. So we can fall in love. Haha. I'm torn between Sirius and Fred. Hmm. Sirius Black it is.

Q21 Pick one - Harry Potter or Twilight

This is like choosing between Whitney Houston and Miley Cyrus. Something so wonderful and something utterly crap.

Q22 Any parts of the books/films that made you cry?

Cedric died, I cried. Sirius died, I cried. Dumbledore cried, I died. Kreacher telling the story of Regulus, I cried. Ron leaving them, I cried. Dobby died, I cried. Fred died, I cried. Lupin and Tonks died, I cried. Snape died, I cried. Harry in the Pensieve with Snape's memories, I cried.

Let's just say when people died I cried. When Hermione wiped her parents' memory, I cried. When Harry buried Dobby, I cried. When Harry was about to go surrender himself, surrounded by his parents, Sirius and Lupin, I cried.

Conclusion, I cried a lot.

Q23 Any particular scene you wish was in one of the films but wasn't?

Draco proclaiming his love to Hermione or Harry and Hermione sharing a moment together. Oh, from the books you mean? Erm.. I'm not really sure.

Q24 Are you happy with the epilogue?

I've reread the last book few times, I've only read the epilogue once. I hated it. I hate the whole thing. The kids' names? God. So tacky.

Q25 If you were able to use one spell without a wand, what would it be?

Expecto Patronum. Perfect night light for reading in bed.

Q26 Would you rather own the Invisibility Cloak, the Resurrection Stone or the Elder Wand?

The Invisibility Cloak. So I can do things. He he.

Q27 Do you listen to Wizard Rock?


Q28 Did you enjoy, "A Very Potter Musical"?

I tried, but I didn't. I think my Harry Potter-ness is limited to fanfiction and that theme park which I'll go to one day.

Q29 What animal would your Patronus be?

Between a cat, a penguin or a polar bear. Rawr.

Q30 Describe what Harry Potter means to you

Harry Potter is the base of my imagination. The base of my childhood. My enjoyment. I can still remember the day I first bought the book and read it. Harry Potter is magic. If there was no Harry Potter, I'll be a different person.


Izzy Hilliard said...

It wasn't too long hahaha! Also I agree on all the crying things. Harry Potter is so sad!

Mark said...

I <3 Sirius Black. He was the reason I didn't watch the fifth movie. You know the movies actually made me forget about Hermione's Elf thing. I really did forget :(

Rachel, Cold Knees said...

I loved reading this, I am so with you on most points! Never liked Ginny, Harry Hermione are a much better pairing, lots of love for Sirius and Snape (love the tortured souls) and the Blaise guy in the film is deffo cute.


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