Friday, June 17, 2011

Letter to My Results. Which Have Arrived.

Dear Results,

Thank you for making me wake up at 3.30am to check if you've arrived in my email. And, thank you for fulfilling all of the wishes I made. Thank you thank you for even putting me on the Dean's List. But dude, just one thing.

A B+? I got a freakinggg B+ for English? Like, oh me gawd, I'm going to have a BF. A Bitch Fit. (Kudos to who can guess which movie inspired this)

But still, I'm so happy and excited. Thank you thank you. Even my parents are proud of me.


The relieved


InnocentlyGreen said...

Congrats on the great results! Glad to see you're alright now. :)

ishashime said...

congrats on the results! oh and getting on the Dean's List. woohoo!

also, White Chicks, amirite? ;)

Fiona said...

Are you really upset over a B+?
PSH. That's pretty good. [:

Congrats on your good grades!

r.alsharif said...

Congrats! :D and the bf is White Chicks all the way!

Hanis. said...

@InnocentlyGreen,Thank you thank you ^^ I'm so happy, well much happier compare to before.

@ishashime: Thanks! And yes, that scene is my favourite one ever.

@Fiona: Its my first B anything in English since ... I was 11. But the others make up for it :D Thank you

@r.alsharif: Thanks :D And yes ;D


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