Friday, June 24, 2011


Few years ago, I read an article in a magazine which talked about guys who are "Out of Your League". No, I'm not talking about James Franco, Marky Mark or even Rupert Grint. I'm talking about that guy you bumped/saw one fine day in your friend's Facebook/hallway/pumping some irons/choosing a book/wherever else.

That article divided those OYL aka Out of Your League guys into several types. The artistic, the
handsome hunk, the well connected, the sophisticated and god, my memory is bad right now. What I do remember clearly about that article is that one piece of advice.

"Don't treat them as if they're demi-gods. They're just another human being, who, suprisingly might not get approached often due to girls being intimidated by them,"

I can so imagine a gaggle of girls sighing among themselves from across the room about that OML (Out of My League) guy, muttering on how they'll never have a chance.

Even at 16, I was like:

Hell to the yeah.

I didn't take the advice. 6 years has passed, and nope. Like, I get that whole idea when it comes to celebrities. I'm all 'What the fuck are you doing?" when I watch people go all adoring and half worship a celebrity. They didn't save the world from a wild comet. Or saved a baby from drowning. Yes, doctors, firemen and the likes deserve more worship in my opinion.

Oh wait, what's the point of this point?

Well, I think its high time for me to finally take that advice. Not that I have anyone in mind but still, its a great way to go on in your life. I should just think every guy as just another person, regardless of how OML that guy is. And the same goes for girls that you guys think as OML. She's just another human being. Strip away the beauty and glamour, you're left with a person who you better hope is nice and decent.

So what if that OML laughed/rejected/ignored you, they just missed out on someone who's brave enough to go against society's ranks and say Hi to someone on a higher shelf.

And, if they did react in a negative way, that just shows that inside, they're not as wonderful as they look. Yes, I'm about to quote that somewhat overused line:

Beauty fades, Wealth gets spent.

And so on.

Once you know that OML is ugly inside, they've been demoted (in your mind) to NGE aka Not Good Enough. NGE are not based on looks, wealth, social ranks and achievement. NGE are based on that decent part of a human being. That part which makes a person smile and be polite no matter to whom.

If you're lucky enough to meet an OML who's just as wonderful inside, then congratulations. That means there's still hope for the world. I mean, that it shows that the world is not completely filled with people who are that vain.

And don't forget, to some people, you might be seen as OML material (yes, stop rolling your eyes Hanis at that but it might be true), just make sure you don't be a NGE. Or I'll kick you in the ass
before smacking the back of your head with my Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows book.

Remember, every person is just another person.


Furree Katt said...

HURRAY FOR THIS POST! when i was in my early teens i used to be scared to approach a lot of guys that i thought were OML. but when i started seeing everyone as just regular people, i've made more friends and had the pleasure to know a few guys who actually ARE as nice on the inside as they are on the outside.

r.alsharif said...

This was awesome! And it actually makes sense. Thank you for it!

Beyond Timid said...

I don't believe in OML guys. If you have a better personality than them, then you're naturally better than them.

InnocentlyGreen said...

This is a great post! I agree there is no such thing as OML. I've never had this view on people. Certain people, whether really pretty or well known or just plain but with lots of attention aimed at them, they build this image about themselves. They see themselves as unapproachable and they are unapproachable.

However, the best way to get one of these people is to treat them as if they are perfectly normal. Not even special. That makes them suddenly hit the ground and wonder - what is it about you that makes you see them as plain people?

From here on, depending on their maturity level and experience in life, they tend to go one or the other one of these paths. They ignore you or even make you feel bad if they still need that attention, or they are intrigued and they approach you themselves if they grew tired of the attention.

Hanis. said...

@Furree: Hurray for you. I'm not as lucky as you, because most of the "outer attractive" guys I've met, are either less attractive inside or only want people who are as attractive as them. Yuck.

@ r.alsharif: I'm glad you like it ♥

@Beyond Timid: I like the way that you think :D Makes me think more.

@InnocentlyGreen: I'm in awe. Interesting comment there. And if they ignore you, it just means they're not worth it to get to know in the first place, right?

InnocentlyGreen said...

Well, to my standards, definitely. They're not even worth a second look. If they turn you down in a rather kind way, it can just mean they're not interested. Which is perfectly acceptable.

But then this can take a strange turn as well. If you ignore them back, they may take it as a challenge, considering they tend to see themselves as kings/queens of the world. So if they pursue you at this point you have to be on your toes, very careful to not fall for their charms. They may just play you to turn you to them and once they have you where they want you, they'll go back to ignoring you. Don't run away though, just play them at their game and win :)


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