Thursday, August 26, 2010

Schedule Check

I got a meeting today and tommorow. All day long....

Well, not all day long. But hours and hours and hours and throw in a second or a dozen. Can you imagine how it would be for someone who finds it hard to keep interest in a conversation?

*imagines herself yawning and bending head down before eventually falling asleep and drooling onto her chest*

God no.

Anyway, I'm looking for interesting topics to blog about. Well, rant or whatever about. Not anything serious like the one in my "Rant'y Mood" or something. *bad memory*

Or anything about love emotions pertaining to intimacy because that will start a post full of curses. Not that I don't curse but you get me.

Man, I'm being picky. Disregard my terms and conditions*took me a while to remember that term* But if you're nice *smiles sweetly* and awesome *smiles even more giving you a toothache* do suggest some fun topics. The definition of fun is up to you.

Just a head's up. Avoid anything science related. Especially Bio. *aches over the C she got 4 years ago*

*is more of a math person anyway since she's doing actuarial science(google it) *

That's not an invite to ask me to rant on what I'm studying about. Trust me. You don't wanna hear it. My brother can tell you. He asked once. And was totally "stopstopstopstop". Maybe it was because Phineas and Ferb was starting.*shrugs*

Argh, I can't stop typing on this one. I'm guilty of dragging out posts. Okay, one last thing.

I decided to write a poem from this sappy post and shall post it on here as a page or something. And oooh, speaking of pages, do check my Letter to Cupid which I warn, is emotional. I think.


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