Thursday, August 19, 2010

You Manly Treat, You

*giggles* Time to fess up one of my weakness. I have a thing for men that smell edible.No no, I don't mean in the "OMG, You smell so good I can just lick, nibble ,suck ...okay, eat you!" but not like that is a bad thing, true? *grins*

The way I'm talking about is when guys smell like edible things. You know, chocolate, vanilla, coconut, mint etc etc and etc.

No, I'm not crazy. But just the smell of something so tasty on a man makes my mouth water and no, I don't get tempted to jump said guy. Well, depends on who.

Why not more ... normal colognes? ICK. I hate the way most colognes smell like. I'm usually scrunching up my face and trying not to gag and accuse the guilty party of polluting the air. Overeacting much? Nope. Not at all.

Its my nose and so be it. Just this morning this guy walked past and he reminded me of something baking in the oven. All sweet and coconut-ish like. *holds back from drooling* So the blame lies on him. I mean, its his fault I'm remembering my weakness because guys that smell delicious? Rare. As rare as something something. *tried to come up with something witty funny like "rare as a blue tailed rabbit"*

*closes eyes and gets into memory lane before smiling to myself*

Three words.

Cocoa body butter.

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