Monday, August 16, 2010

Its So Beautiful

I can't be cynical about it.

I was in the car on the way back from picking up the lil bro and his friend from school and as usual, I was keeping an ear on their convo because darn, they do gossip. A pair of 13 year old boys gossiping away. Today's hot topic was about a friend of their's who apparently had gotten together with a girl. I was like


As if I know those kids -.-

Then the convo moved on to boring stuffs when I heard my brother said "One night" and BAM, I got a full blast flashback to few years ago. Well, I started humming and singing softly to a song I've forgotten since embarking in these online relationships.

Its obvious why because Luther Vandross' If Only For One Night is a sad sad love song. In my opinion, its of a person who's deeply in love with another who's not willing to be with them. The latter keeps their feelings a secret and acts as if its something ... bad. BAH. My description is rubbish.

I bet I can write a short story just based on this song. Okay, Hanis, NO daring yourself. You'll regret it.... FINE. I'll write one. It will take time though. *sighs* I have to stop daring myself, true?

Your eyes say things I'll never hear from you.

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