Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Middle of the Week

And I still haven't got my dream meal of the moment.

McDonald's chicken nuggets, fries and chocolate sundae.

*hears tummy growl*

Patient Hanis, its only 8.43 in the morning. Long long long time to break fasting time. Speaking of that, yesterday's meal was oh-so-delicious. Beef curry (which had potatoes, pieces of beef and tripe) eaten with ready made Roti Canai. Tastylicious, I had two Roti. Okay, I know ready made Roti Canai sounds urgh to most people but to the ones who know me, I only eat ready made or mom made xD Never ever ones bought from the eateries or whatever. YUCK.

Its a personal thing. Like, ick.

*looks around* I'm sleepy. As usual. And I'm babbling. Sooo, its obviously time for me to do my work while reading fanfics, yes I'm into them again and write out another short story.


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