Monday, August 30, 2010

Just Gonna Stand There

And watch me burn,
That's alright cause I like the way it hurts.

Its stuck in my mind. Playing over and over. I like that song, well only the Rihanna part. Eminem is okay with me but just not for this song. Its an odd combination but it works, true?

Monday morning and in the office again. Tommorow's a public holiday becauce its Malaysia's Independence Day The 53rd actually to be exact. I think I'll blog about it more tommorow on D-day.

My asthma is acting up and I'm trying not to panic because we all know that makes things worse for me. I think it started from the air conditioning in Mama's car. I can't stand sitting at the front without feeling pain in my chest and face and then taking the LRT to work today and so on just builds it up. Thankgod I got my inhaler in my bag with me. I don't think my dad will be pleased to hear me in a panicked state over the phone.

*breathes in*
*breathes out*

I've been having interesting random dreams lately. Last night's was about, well I don't really remember but there were a crime case involving a pirate's boot, a hot guy I'm seeing and french fries. You know what that means? I need to get some fries. And gravy. Or tartar sauce with a wedge of lemon. That means fish and chips.

*hears tummy growl*

Be patient my lovely one. Its still too early for thoughts of tempting food.

Its Monday. Which means Subway's daily special is the Spicy Italian something.

*tummy growls louder*

I told you patience my dear tummy. DON'T THINK OF THE COOKIES.

I got a meeting in about 4 minutes so let's end this post, shall we?

Yesterday's pie? AMAZING.

It was a food orgasm in my mouth.

Talking about that, 4th of September is Chocolate Day. I'll celebrate it fully oh yes sire.

Peace out.

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