Wednesday, September 1, 2010

No Elle, You're Having an Affair With Kermit's Brother

Her name is Noelle and she's my bitch bestie for life. She's also the maid of honour *ducks and hides from the other people I promised* for my one-day-it-will-happen wedding as I'am the godmother to her one-day-it-will-happen kids. That is, after promising not to corrupt those innocent minds.

No, we're not childhood besties as we met around a year ago and oh yes, we're online besties who met through a mutual friend for an unmentionable reason *starts laughing to myself before kicking away the reason to a dark dusty corner* And how did we bond? Well, apparently, bitching about a common hated unagreeable female is the perfect icebreaker and could lead to such awesome friendship.

Noelle is a geek. Plain as the day. As obvious as the fact that I'm a bookworm. *ducks and hides again from her* She's one of those study-last-minute-cramming-till-my-eyes-pop-out-but-its-worth-it-cause-I-still-get-fucking-awesome-marks kinda geeks. Yes, I have a habit of wanting to smack those geeks but not this geek. She's a geek that studies Biology, Physics and all the shits I left back in highschool.And she calls me crazy for my math geekiness. You're just jealous of my awesomeness dear friend.

Vain. I call her that so often in a teasing/awe manner because in that aspect she's so totally different than me. My comments on how gorgeous I'am is like a trick I'm applying on myself to make myself believe that I'am gorgeous. Is it working? I have no idea. But my bestie here just loves showing off her hair/outfit of the day on webcam to her boyfriend/friend. And no, I haven't got that wonderful opportunity to watch her. No, Noelle, that wasn't a plea to be asked.

Here's the part where I'll get a bit emotional.

My bestie is amazing, stubborn as a mule, funny, able to read me and loyal as hell. I think if I didn't held her back, a certain person would now be bearing wounds of being castrated by a rusty butter knife. (Yes, I have a morbid fascination in that form of torture. I call it the revenge mode. Totally original. Sure.)

She's the person I can tell anything and know that I won't be judged as I do for her in return. *remembers a certain tidbit Noelle told me before laughing my head off*

Wow, just wow Noelle.

We call each other slut and we mean it as a form of adoration without any sexual innuendoes behind it. Or something like that.

And geek, thank you for being there for me since the exact moment things got bad. I know you know what moment I mean and yes, if I could do it over again, I'll take your advise this time around and spare myself from the months that followed. Thank you for being the one to hold my hand and make the required insults. For giving me updates when I can't get online during the weekdays.

Thank you for reading the letters which I still carry around with me. You're the best for replying to my wild, emotional texts out of the blue. Also for being my optimistic side. And for telling me about the 1/3 of the time rule. 20 more days bestie but I still feel like it happened yesterday.

And I sincerely appreciate you being my shoulder for the past months. I know its hard dealing with a crazy like me. One whose emotions love taking rollercoaster rides. And there's more rides coming.

I love you alligator koala bear.

And girl, you better come to me saying you've shed a tear if not cried your eyes out after reading this.

*leaves a box of tissues*

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