Tuesday, September 21, 2010

You Got Me at The Book is Way Better Than the Movie

Not hello. Its a bit ... well, odd for me. The concept of love at first sight. Everytime I hear that phrase, my mind goes to imagine mode and cue :

Boy walks into a crowded room.

Girl gets the urge to look away from her gossiping circle at the far end of said room.

They lock eyes. Fall in love. Happily ever after.

Lack of details? Okay, he has pretty blue eyes and like, dark bangs or one of those cute emo hairstyles. And her hair will be up in a long ponytail. Freckles across her nose.

Its really unbelievable for me. If its lust at first sight, true. That happens all the time. Heck it happened to me the first time I saw him and it was a series of me naming the new Mr Hanis. *roll eyes*

*tries to remember the purpose of this post*

*looks at title*

Ahhhh, I was remembering a chat I had with an online friend about two weeks ago about a book I planned to buy.

The Time Traveler's Wife.

Yeah, I usually avoid books that are made into movies after the movie came out. Not even watching the movie. What? Its one of my weird oddity. But come on, most movies are crappy. I think its because the directors lack the insight into the book. You want to make a freaking good movie, go freaking read and love the book. Don't analyze it.

If you love the book, your mind will have a whole world in it for the book. Trust me. I got Harry Potter and friends walking around in my mind.

*stops rambling*

So back to my desire to buy the book after reading a post on how good it is and shitty the movie was.

Hanis: I'm thinking of buying a book.

Him: Which one?

Hanis: The Time Traveler's Wife

Him: That's a great book. The movie was shitty.

*falls in love immediately*

HELL NO. Just a crush. Maybe.


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