Saturday, September 18, 2010

Discussion With My Geek

Last night, I had a meaningful talk with my bitch geek bestie about my nightly adventures and apparently, according to her :

"I deal with mentally, not mystically,"

Which I have to admit made me pout and her next sentence made it an epic pout

"You might not like what I have to say about it,"

It was plainly a warning but did I take it?


I insisted in asking her opinion on something. While not mentioning the main star of my adventures.

So it went on like :

Hanis wheedles for an explanation.

Noelle gives. A full lengthy one. With name mention.

Hanis tries to deny the identity with a lame ass

"I didn't say it was *insert name*"

"Hanis, I read your blog,"

Damn the deities for making her a reader. (I don't mean this at all bestie dear. I love you with all of my rainbow coloured heart)

So apparently, according to her, its wish fulfillment or something.

I should have taken the warning and google up websites on meaning of dreams. I could have been beaming now after reading some pages on how it means that we're meant to be.

Its written in the stars.

Inspiration of romance novels.

Just waiting for him to realise it.

Stuffs like that.

Any of you out there is a person educated in reading the meaning in dreams? I'll give you my second born godchild.

Love you.

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