Saturday, September 4, 2010

Guilty Pleasure (Psst, its about food)

Number one.

Cooking shows. Food shows. Travel/ food shows. You get me. I totally love the Asian Food Channel as it feeds this habit of mine. But since I don't really watch tv that much so don't expect me to like, know details about every show.

Right now, its about 40 minutes to breaking fast time and the food has been set on the table. Since its Saturday, Mama wasn't in a mood to cook today so they went to the bazaar and came back with fooodies *drools* There's so much. Yeap. She's guilty of overbuying stuffs.

So I'm in front of the tv right now, hogging the couch all to me and my laptop with the tv on, yes, Asian Food Channel aka AFC. My brother groaned at the sight of food *roll eyes* but yours truly totallllly ignored him as I tuck myself into Chef at Home.

Today's episode has something to do with Indian food as far as I've gathered. Ooooh, can I have his pantry? Its all stocked up and he even has his Asian food section xD. And the time I took to google the word "pantry' ended up with me missing him telling what he's making. Darn. But he's marinating steaks with soy sauce. Yuck. Don't get me wrong but here, soy sauce and steak? Yuckkk.

Anthony Bourdain. Nigella Lawson. Jamie Oliver. Hans Zimmerman. I heart Nigella Lawson. She's so tasty herself that sometimes I just ignore the food xD. Anthony and Hans are more famous with their travel/food shows and god, putting aside the weird food, I envy them. Like, if I can, I want to be like them when I grow up.

I'm not a fan of Hell's Kitchen. Its just ... it takes the focus out of food. Its more about torturing those poor unfortunate souls *says it like Ursula* but Iron Chef, I like I like.

Having a preference of foreign food because the shows just make such odd(sometimes) food look so tempting, I can't help to love watching the travel shows that comes to Malaysia. Its fun seeing local, every day food from their perspective. And at least if I get a craving from them, I know I can just go out and buy them, true?

OMG,there's an AFC studio that we can go to and join cooking classes. *will go to the website soon*

Oooh, there's Man vs Food coming up. That is one show that makes me want to pig out at times and weighing scales can be damned in the hottest of ovens.*shivers*

Talking about ovens, I'm baking choc chip cookies tonight. I got that recipe from Mamon aka my other bestie who I so dearly miss *sighs* Gossiping session will come soon my dear.

24 mins to go. I'll be going downstairs to get the drinks ready and all in about 6 more mins.

And I'm really sure that I want to marry a chef. Like Jamie Oliver or whatever. He has to specialised in chocolate based dessert. *makes a wish*

Peace out people. I think I'll write while I bake today xD.

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Fiona said...

Master Chef is pretty awesome-amazing-yummylicious too. :)


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