Monday, September 20, 2010

I Would Post the Video But Its Too Scandalous

And who knows, my mom might stumble onto this blog... Okay, my dad.... Or my brother... Okay, okay, one of my cousins. Fine. Geez.

Anyway, I was bored and on Google so that could only mean Time to Google Random Shits.

*cackles to myself in a corner*

So it went on, usually of random people from school or ex-crushes or something I read about. But of course, my fave topic? Me. Or anything to do with me.

I already got bored of googling my name and nickname so I decided to google the title of my blog.

*points upwards* Yes, scroll up to the maximum.

Did my blog came up? Nope.

But a song by Elektra (or is it Electra?) came up.

*clicked on the youtube link*


*got mind blown*

I'am now addicted to this song.

Like, how-I-was-listening-to-Goo-Goo-Dolls'-I'll-be-again-and-again-till-my-housemates-memorised-it addicted.

Yes, I'm that terrible.

But just a head's up, the video is ... pretty entertaining as in the adult entertainment.

Or as a male friend said after viewing my current obsession

"I can't believe its on youtube!"


Step 1: Open new tab because you still need to view the rest of my instructions, true?

Step 2: Type in that bar thingie up there.

Step 3: Type I Don't Do Boys in the search thingie.

Step 4: Find one by Elektra/Elektra.

Step 5: Click.

Step 6: Let it buffer till the end.

Step 7: Watch and wonder what the hell am I raving about until the first minute has passed.

Warning: If you're totally underage, don't put the blame on me if the video is deemed too adult-ish for your afe. And, if you're against people swinging the other way, do stop watching. Like, seriously.

Step 8: Get mind blown. Or hot and bothered. Or perhaps turned on. As it all did happened to me.

I don't do boys,
Just do girls,
Just do girls with style and class.

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