Sunday, September 26, 2010

Stupid Anger Releasing Post That Might Get Deleted When I'm Calm.

I'm in a bad mood. Ugly one.

When I get into one, I prefer to hole myself up in my room and give the middle finger to everyone. Seriously, its like being a bear who's hibernating during the winter. Everyone who watches cartoons know that when you disturb said bear, the bear will roar and be very grumpy and will definitely bite your head off in the next minute unless you run away realllly realllly fast.

But in my case, I won't bite your head off. I'll give you reasons to want to wash my mouth with soap. Or bitch slap me. I don't fucking care who you are. I'll be telling you to do unspeakable things with unspeakable objects. That is when I lose control of my willpower to just keep quiet.

*deep breaths*

I'm being quiet. I'm holed up in my room. I got a nice "Stay away" with a busy sign as my yahoo status. I want to fucking hurt someone. I want to fucking throw something against the wall. GAH.

Reason of my menopausal mood? I have no idea. Which is bad. Since it cuts down my reason to rant about it and let the steam off. I'm just typing away on here while cursing that its Monday tommorow and how the weekend was a big waste of time. And how there is nothing decent to eat in the kitchen. And how I'm such a *shuts up*

*deep breaths* See? I can pick faults in anything. Even in everyday mini problems that never bothered me before.

Fuck this.

*screams into my pillow*



I'm going to make sure my clothes for tommorow is ready before going to sleep.

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