Friday, September 3, 2010

Filling Up My Empty Days

Finally submitted my application for my degree after hmm-ing and err-ing over the 4 choice of courses. I had to take my diploma and not wanting to add unneccesary additional semesters into consideration. Since I'm in my final semester aka internship of my Diploma in Actuarial Science I'm only looking into related degree courses *waves goodbye to Culinary and TESL*

So after dragging it on for two weeks, I've finally managed to choose 4 courses, giving Statistics a swift kick *cackles*. Its an evil thing. Trust me.

1. Actuarial Science
2. Mathematics
3. Investment
4. Insurance

Yes, yes, I yawned too reading my choices. I wish there could be like Sexuality Science or something like that in there but no. I'm bound to a life of math geekiness. *laughs to myself* Naw, I'll be fine and I really hope I'll get my first choice.

Yesterday, I was emotional. And it was a smile-through-gritted-teeth award winning worthy emotional kind of day. But after a night, well, I'm just gonna move on. Look at the calendar and wait till its 3 months. 18 more days. Just 18 more days Hanis. *takes a deep breath*

Ok, and that was today's dose of emotional ranting *grins widely*

Last night I listened to some Lifehouse and may I please get a guy who can sing like that? Pretty please. With choc chips on top.

And oh yes, the title came from Saving Jane's Happy . Its a sad song actually. Let's ignore that I listened to it over and over and over yesterday.

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