Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I Feel Like a Big Sister

"How do you study for History?"

I was having fun cooking on Cafe World when the lil bro came in with a "I'm gonna die" look I know so well. Its the look you get when you see the future of failing your exams. Being the older sister, I tried to set an example.

"Its so easy. Just freaking memorise the book,"

Pained look intensifies.

"The whole book? But I got 8 subjects,"

"Not the text book! The reference book. You got one for every subject right?"

A shrug.

A groan.

"Go to your bookcase and look for them, now,"

Shuffles off.

And I resumed my Cafe World, assuming by guiding him to the books, he'll see the way to study and get shit loads of A's.

"I got them. Then?"


He's smart. I admit that. But once you get to secondary school, its so different. And you obviously need to sit down and memorize stuffs. Which was easy for me because my brain absorbs the info and once I sit down for the paper, it comes out nicely and by the time I pass it up, allll of the knowledge is gone from my brain.

Staring at my brother, I decided the boy needed some ... scaring so he won't think the finals will be as easy as the last 6 years. I know, evil of me. But its for his own good.

"You're so dead,"

"Nuh uh,"

"Oh yes you are. You know what happens if you don't get a shitload of A's?"


"Mama will be mad and won't let you upgrade your PSP. And that's not all,"


"Dad will be mad and you can say bye bye to your computer. And using the internet."

"But but.."

"You're doomed if you don't start studying now,"

And that's how I ended up writing down a study schedule to my brother and telling him to check with me every night on his progress.

Wow. For the first time I feel like a big sister.

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