Monday, September 20, 2010

You Got Brown Eyes Like No One Else

So, today I listened to Bad Romance so many times over and over and over and over. I thought of writing a post based on it. Like, using some of the lyrics and being random. You know, being Hanis. And then I saw a post from a blog I follow about Lady Gaga performing Speechless and yes, I 've only heard it twice but I love it

I'm not one of those avid little monsters of hers. But her songs are different though I don't listen to each one over and over and over.*stops rambling*

Rambling is one of my talents. I also have this way of connecting things through so many things before coming to a conclusion. Or its just plainly I love talking. When I was younger, this often happened :

Dad: Did you get the money for school today from Mama?

Me: Well, Mama didn't have time to make lunch today because she had to take the bro to the clinic because he has a fever so by the time she got back it was already 12 so-


Me: Yes. But I got extra because of the no lunch thingie because-

Happened often.

What was I talking about? Oh yes, Speechless. So I now got it playing from youtube and then decided to listen to another great song from her, Again Again.

*sighs happily*

Its a nice song and it reminds me of two guys at one without any reason and- ... Okay, and I also like the meaning of this song ;)

Yes, one my weaknesses.

Enjoy. And the topic? My fave line from the whole song.

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