Saturday, September 25, 2010

I Think I Got a Defense Mechanism

It starts with No 3. The reason I went through 3 months of self appreciation and love and holding myself back from humping jumping a guy and it was hard. Boy, I've always been a person who get crushes and the familiar excitement.

*Has a flashback to my highschool days*

I was craazzzzzzzzyyyy. I swear. My hormones has since then stop raging like a maniac. But not fully so. I'm talking like I hate the crushes but nooo, it makes me who I'am.

I'm not boy-crazy. Or men-crazy xD but still I enjoy an eye candy or mental candy and if I find one who's both? I'll get weak in the knees.

So refering to my title, it seems that if I'm talking to a guy who in any way gives me a omgthisisjustlikeno3 feeling my mechanism acts up and I just stop whatever's happening. No way in hell am I letting history repeats itself despite being an ultra strong personality that self heals.

But of course, there's exceptions, true?


But darling, you are the only exception.

I just love that song.

And yes, my defense mechanism was aching to get active so I can just kick him away. But bestie Noelle, remember her? My bitch geek yesterday, in a total soap opera worthy moment, found out that we know the same guy.

"Is he sane?"

"He's not like No.2"

"Is he like ... No.3 ?"

"He's way better *mumbles insults about No.3* "

And that's not the whole convo but believe me I was excited. So fingers crossed on this crush?

*cross fingers*

Peace Out.

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