Saturday, August 21, 2010

Blast From the Past

I got 20% left on my netbook's battery. So it will be quick. Hopefully.

Right now, I'm watching the surfing scene in Lilo and Stitch in my night of Disney shows. It started with UP earlier this evening and yes, I cried watching it. How can anyone not cry at the part how the two people met and married and grew old together? And also when Russell said his father is too busy now to hang out with him. Russell is so cute.

Had to spend the night in because another asthma attack, mild but still. Watched the 2nd half of The Parent Trap ,the one with Lindsay Lohan. I love that movie so much. Enjoyed my nice chocolate sundae while watching it and folding clothes. OMG. I multi-tasked. *pats myself on the back* Decided that I needed to pampered myself after the movie ended thus resulting in me watching Good Luck Charlie nearly an hour later with my hair smelling of my new shampoo and my skin feeling smooth. Ticktockticktockgoestheclock .

So here I'am now with my tummy hurting slightly, listening to my brother singing Misery with the smell of late cooking coming from the kitchen. I will not throw up. Kapeesh.

Refering to my title, I spent this afternoon listening to hits that were big around a decade or less ago.

O-town's All or Nothing

Backstreet Boys' Shape of my Heart and More Than That

Ashlee Simpson's Pieces of Me and Boyfriend

M2M's Pretty Boy

It was fun :D and ooh, I read through my journal back from 2006. I was a year long rollercoaster emotional funk. Crazy.

OMG. Its the scene in Lilo and Stitch where Stitch brought the Ugly Ducking's book into the forest after Lilo told him about her family.*cries*

Hanis cries a lot in Disney movies.

Like in Despicable Me . Please tell me I wasn't the only one crying watching that.

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