Thursday, August 26, 2010

Those Darn Facebook Friends

I just hate the ones who decide it's fun to send you an invite for every single game/quiz. I think I've blocked few friends and applications from sending me invites. Unless its Cafe World. A girl needs peer help with that game. Talking about that game, I also hate it when you decided to decorate it, spending loads of coins and the buzz rating just go downdowndown. Make me cry -.-

But moving on to my main focus for this semi rant. Do you have friends that ... overshare? Or the ones that make you roll your eyes at their statuses and mutter under your breath that the sun does not revolve around their majestic self? Or maybe wishing that you're close enough with them so you can tell them to get over it and so on?

*checks my facebook list* I got about 2 friends who falls under that. Well, friends that update things often.

Its like a double-edged sword. Sometimes I find them entertaining in my state of boredom, especially when one of them got back together with their boyfriend after a month breaking up. Why was I entertained? I remember reading all her "from-the-heart" posts when they broke it off. From what I gathered, he cheated on her. And now, she's posting questions, asking the procedure to get a marriage license.

.... Fun, right? Even more so when I can read the whole breakup story on her wall, via informing her closest and dearest friends who in return, sometimes overshare stuffs there too.

*refrains herself from telling about the time the same person got over emotional on the matter of Edward and Jacob*

*laughs to myself, looking for that post again*

And of course, the bad side is the urge you get. The omg-just-bloody-get-over-it-the-sun-is-revolving-around-too-many-asses people-already-without-you-giving-a-blow-by-blow-on-how-wonderful-he-was-when-he-visited-you-in-the-hospital reaction. Or something along that line of thought.

Or is it just me?

Peace out alligators.


JodieeHeartzYou said...

No, it's not just you. O__o

Hanis. said...

Glad to know oversharing friends are common.

JodieeHeartzYou said...



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