Friday, December 2, 2011

Observation One.

(Written while waiting for Dad to pick me up-6.04pm)

I like how the air smells after rain. Clean. Here, the whole drizzling-raining routine just finished and the air is just so fresh.

I'm watching a girl helping a guy (boyfriend?) untie his bag from around his back. I got Sugababes' Push The Button's last chorus playing in my earbuds before hearing

"She begs me to come down, Boy, quit fooling around."

But then, I got bored so right now, I'm listening to

"Dani the girl singing songs for me beneath the marquee, Overload."

Which didn't last long enough to the chorus but I swear, I'm sticking to

"And you, don't mean to be cruel, never even knew about the heartache, I've been going through."

At the the table beside mine, 3 girls are discussing their script for 3rd language. Speaking of it, we just finished 2/5 scenes for our Arabic video. Let me tell you this:

Mango pudding + plain yogurt at room temperature = yuckness.

"When you're close to tears remember, Someday it will all be over, One day we're gonna get high."

The girl and her possible boyfriend just walked by.

Earlier today, a guy pulled over and asked for directions to somewhere in campus. I'm not one to give directions unless I'm the only one there but damn, this guy was so cute.

(Oh god, I can smell burgers being grilled.)

Back to the guy, I was the one who gave the directions. If I could, I would have jumped into his car. (Yes, this is what I mean by "sex exploit" Mozart)

Well, I got to go. Dad's here. (6.17pm)

So, I plan to do this kind of thing once a week or so. Where I spend my free time, just writing down whatever is going on with a picture of the view in front of me. What do you think? Is it too chaotic?


chimidama said...

Hi Hanis!

Wow..I was amazed with your writing.. which actually illustrates everything happened around you, well in just few minutes period..

Nice! I would love to see more of this type of entry from you...

syed said...
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