Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bye Bye.


I've decided to do some kind of post reviewing this year. I tried doing it by month but then for some of them, I don't remember a single thing. I tried by choosing a post for each month to represent it, I just couldn't choose.
So here I'am right now, nursing a headache from the sun blinding me through the curtains, the smell of coffee, the lack of sleep(oh please) and my worry concerning my exams.

I've studied 4 hours today, 7 yesterday. I need more. More I tell you. *Get hungry for hours of study* If only I was like this back in highschool. I would be blogging from some country filled with cute Caucasian boys waiting outside my window to take me out to see the fireworks tonight and "Maybe make some of our own, Hanis. Har har har I'm just kidding. I think."

Mokesart is out partying it off with girls under his arms (exxageration). Okay, let me do a review of what I did this year.

- I made new friends.

-I fought with old friends.

-I regained those friends back.

- I went to a beach trip with classmates and rode on the banana boat thingie. Now, if only they'll do it in freshwater.

-I discovered Tumblr.

- I worked for the first time and realised how a person can be racist in such a way you won't even know this.

-I got closer to my old highschool friends.

-I met with someone who's been plaguing my dreams for the past 4 years and discovered that like time, people change.

- I started to enjoy shopping, but in small doses.

- I had a wonderful birthday.

-I won two giveaways, a painting and a charmbracelet.

-I got even more gorgeous than before.(trust me on this)

-I don't even remember the full names of my exes. Wonderful.

-I went to the 3 full face threading sessions within 5 months. (Imagine the pain)

-I participated in NaNoWriMo and I won.

I think that's all. Well, there's plenty more but I can't think of anything else.

With that, I bid farewell to this year, the year of growth, the year of chances, the year of a new start. Do give 2012 a kiss for me on your way out for me, okay? Don't forget to mention that I'm a nice wonderful person.


Aaishah said...

I used to keep a log of the whole year, month-wise, back in 7th and 8th grade. Then I was told that writing diaries is for idiots and so I stopped. :(

My favourite from your list was you not remembering the names of your exes. BEST. :P

Hanis. said...

Who ever told you that should be smacked. I kept a daily diary when was seventeen. I'm just too busy now. Haha. You should write down though, it makes you realise how much you've changed as a person.

Haha. I know, its super awesome to finally not remember.

cricketfreak said...

I agree with your previous comment. I read back on my diaries from even just a year ago and I'm so surprised by the way I thought and felt. It can be so embarrassing though....but in a bittersweet way.
And you won NaVoWriMo? That's really cool! Congrats :)


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