Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Twist, Lick and Dunk? Hell No.

As a kid, I remember sitting with my dad with a packet of Oreos between us. We didn't split the dozen or so cookies into two. We had another simple method. Dad took the white cream part while I gobble up the cookies.

Brilliant, right?

That is exactly why I was slightly disgusted by the whole 'Twist, Lick, Dunk" campaign that has been going on for years now. I hate the cream with a passion, and can now, at this age tolerate two Oreos without wanting to scrape the cream off with a knife.

Unless you're talking about the Oreos with peanut butter & chocolate cream, now those are heavenly. A bit like Reese's if I might say.

Twist seems to be a logical move to get the top cookie off without breaking it into two. I can do that.

Lick. Do you lick a piece of fried chicken and dip it into chilli sauce? Or perhaps lick a french fry and dip it into ketchup? Or any other food.

Dip. Into the milk. Making it all wet and crumbly perhaps. Dripping milk all over the place. Your lap. The desk.


So if you ever want to share a packet of Oreos with me, make sure its the peanut butter/chocolate filling or bring a damn butter knife and be ready to get sick from all that cream.


Furree Katt said...

*tears of joy*
i think the white cream is totally yucky. the biscuit is awesome. i always found a way to scrape off the cream from the biscuit when i was little. i haven't eaten an Oreo since forever, though.
i have never heard of the peanut-butter cream flavour. i want!
(hahaha @ licking a piece of fried chicken)

iZaynab said...

iGave up on eating Oreo.
- ___ - After the dunking in milk for year iLost taste.
& Yeah iPrefer the biscuits more now.
The cream taste like goat milk..

kayren said...

ahaha.. when i eat oreos, i gobble them up


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