Friday, May 27, 2011

Bitching About a Bitch.

It has been quite some time that a girl made my blood boil like a witch's potion in a cauldron. Or is that bubbling? It also has been some time since a girl has made me reacted with such emotions and makes me want to break into a song. Or more like one of those screaming metal songs that are full of beeped out words.

I don't get mad/annoyed/dislike someone easily. But when I do, there's no turning back. I'll find faults in every single step you take, every single word you utter and every glance in my way is an invitation to be bitch smacked.

I know, its immature of me but I've never claimed I act my age, true?

To get to the real story, there's this girl who makes me want to scream into a pillow from pent-up annoyance and anger. Why?

1. She treats me as if I'm a kid and dumb.

2. She's bossy.

3. She's a power hungry bitch.

4.. She often uses phrases like "Hanis, you have to sweep the floor. You know how to, right? Surely your mother has taught you,"

Bitch, that is low. And FYI, we use the vaccum cleaner at home.

And because I just reallly despise everything about her, I'm irked by her way of speech. She talks deliberately and slow, as if I'm dumb.

Hanis stares at seal oil and asked if its better or the same as fish oil.

Girl who irks Hanis but teaching about the items goes all Ahhhh.

"Seal oil is better. What is a seal, Hanis? Do you know what it is?"- in a very "You're young and dumb" tone.

This took place in Malay apart from the word "seal oil" and "fish oil,".

Its like someone asking me, girl who's doing maths if she knows how to integrate (I'll integrate your ass).

Do you see why my annoyance went from meh to asdkaskjdakjdakjakl? Is it unreasonable? No. And blerggggghhhh.

*takes a deep breath*

I'm seriously considering quitting my job. Mama is okay with it as long as I look for another job and tell the boss the exact reason of my quitting. Oh yes I will. No holding back.

As Mozart will say, I've bitched about her everywhere the past day.

Peace Out.


Experiment House said...

YES. Now the world knows about her you can STOP COMPLAINING TO ME about her. (Jokes, I'm enjoying it somewhat xDD)

r.alsharif said...

Ohmygod! Slap her!

Furree Katt said...

it's great that you're letting it out here (and on Mozart, lololol). don't keep anything inside!
that girl sounds really awful. why does she think she's superior in knowledge and everything? O.O you're 17846120837461265 times more intelligent than her. i hate people who talk like that.

tell your boss all about her, i'd say.


Beyond Timid said...

Ech. I hate that. Just ignore her. It'll piss her off since she's so controlling.

ishashime said...

it's good to let out your frustrations towards her. i'd suggest that even though you hate her guts, try not to be too affected. ignoring her is good. but if it gets too much, i'd go with telling your boss on her. quitting is the last option.

Sidrah said...

Haww. Why don't you sing a lamest song ever in her ears? All day n night long. Loud and ugly.


iZaynab said...

Ignore it.
or ~
; D You can prank that bitch in some funny way ~


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