Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Free Meal Makes Hanis an Eager Student.

My Marketing lecturer is perhaps the most fucking amazing wonderful superb most inspiring lecturer when it comes in making her students study. Hard. You see, she has this award system.

"Has your seniors told you about the Best Student and Best Group?"

*the whole class shook our heads with dumb confusion*

"Well, at the end of the semester, I'll choose a Best Student and the Best Group from the class and they'll get a reward. Last semester's was a meal at Concorde a hotel,"


That was how we reacted. In my mind, I had a mental image of food. Eating tasty food. Like, the important bit is food. And I know, if you're not one of those "I live to eat" people, you won't see why I'm so excited by this.

I, Hanis totally love food.

And the thought of a free meal at a hotel ( I know, I'm not picky actually) is the reason why I'm studying hard for a simple quiz tommorow.

Well, when I'm not distracted by my laptop and the internet.

Here's to Marketing and a free meal!

Peace Out

*runs off to read about Marketing Concepts*


Furree Katt said...

haha. that sounds like a good way to get everyone to study. unfortunately i never got offered anything like that ever O.O
good luck for your quiz!

ishashime said...

wow. if there was a possibility of a free meal, i'd study my eyebrows off as well. haha.

good luck on your quiz, and here's to you hopefully being picked the best student. :D


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