Thursday, January 20, 2011

Before Mrs. Draco Malfoy, there was Mrs. Lee Ryan.

*has a sore throat, slight fever and a cough*

*blames Dad and the lil bro for infecting her with their germs*

*blames the germs for distracting her from studying*

*has an Economics test and a Marketing quiz next week*

*is trying to be excited about that*


I have to stop using that kind of * lines. I might have exceeded the daily quota. Anyway, I'm here at the dining table because I originally planned to re-do yesterday's questions from hell. Progress? I stil need to open my book.

I swear I need that smart boyfriend, like right now. *sighs*

Oh yes, why am I at the dining table? I don't have a desk. *makes a sad face* Lil bro took it. How was I to know that I'll stop studying while lying on my tummy on the bed or floor once I got into uni and got used to having a study desk?

Yes. I think that was slightly confusing.

Oh well. *bad influence from Mozart*

Do any of you know of the band Blue? A UK-based boyband that were once big in the early 2000s? I think I read that they're making a comeback. Or have already. I think. Well, they distracted me for the past hour with all of their past hits. *was a big big big fangirl who called herself Mrs. Lee Ryan*

This was my fave song.

Mozart, don't kill me for the boyband song. It could have been Nysnc. Or Westlife. Or any other.

Peace Out.


Experiment House said...

How am I a bad influence? Just because I don't study, only have to go in 8 hours a week and am doing a music course? Hahahaha. xP. If it was any other band, I would still be taking the piss out of it.

Fiona said...

Draco Malfoy was my favorite character in the HP series. I loved his sass.


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