Saturday, January 29, 2011

Before You Judge Others, Look Into a Mirror.

Warning. Religious-ish. Ranting. Do skip if you don't like it. Do read it if you know how open minded I'am.

I don't know if I mentioned this before but one of the things that really ticks me off is people slamming/talking shit/hating homosexuals.

Yes, I'm Muslim.

Yes, my religion does not allow it.

Yes, you can call me out and say what a fucking traitor I'am with no good religious upbringing. I do beg to differ if you say that though. My parents made sure I had some religious education and even though its not extensive as some, I still have a good basis.

Around December, a video of a Malay Muslim guy got uploaded on youtube. In it, he confessed of being gay. I haven't watch it. I don't have any desire to. The reactions were intense. I'm too lazy to really find a blog that posted about the issue. But here's the google search page and if you're not as lazy as me, just scroll for any links that's in English and read it. I didn't go through all of them but I've only came across *counts* 3 that don't condemn the poor man to the fires of hell.

What do I think of it?

I'm not holding up posters of "COME OUT OF THE CLOSET" because I don't really care about people being in the closet. Some find it a very personal thing to tell the world. Its their right to do so.

I'm not encouraging people to swing the other way so stop thinking I'm some kind of satan's agent. As I said before:

I don't care. Be gay. Be bi. Be straight.

Going back to the topic, I read through comments in various blogs and most were very .. insulting. They acted like they have the fucking right to judge someone. They acted as if they have some kind of magic power that enables them to predict if someone will be in hell or heaven.

I know.

I feel like ramming my fist into their chins.

Or smacking the back of their heads.

Who are we, as a human being to judge others and call them as " The biggest shame to their parents," ?

For me, I have a simple question to ask those people. People = Malaysian Muslims that went all holier-than-thou about that Azwan Ismail man.

Is your politically correct sexuality a guarantee ticket to heaven?

Yes, I'm asking you if you being straight means you're definitely going to heaven? Because to me, as far as I know, its way more complicated than that. It could be that your straight ass might end up in hell for the other sins you do. And that says something about you because hey, you're not gay (such a serious offense for all of you) but you end up at the very place you condemned on a gay Muslim.

Allah is Forgiving. I know that one. So who are we, other human beings to say insulting things to this man?

As I believe and posted as my Facebook status :

If you want to preach someone for not being a good Muslim, do make sure that you're a good one from every aspect. If not, do shut up.

Yes. Every fucking aspect.

Yes, that includes dating. If you're so holier-than-thou to say what's going to happen to Azwan, you're bound to know that we're not allowed to date. Hold hands. Be alone with someone of the other sex. You get me.

I'm using dating as an example because I know its a common thing. Unless you're one of those religiously brought up people who don't date and really take care of things. To them, stop judging people. Stop thinking that you're better because you have more knowledge. Pride is a sin. Right? Or some other shit.

I'm not against religious people. I'm against them trying to ram their thoughts down my throat. I have a respect for the people who choose to deepen their knowledge in religion. But, keep it to yourself unless you're asked. Stop thinking the others are sinning big time.

The world will be a better place if people stop judging others.

And that is all.


Peace Out.


For some reason, I so would love comments and feedbacks on this. Like, I'm not even offering my godkids. That shows how serious I'am.


Furree Katt said...

completely agreeing with you!

Experiment House said...

So true. Happy now? I commented. Now get off my back about it! xD

Jamie Fox said...

I also agree. In general, I think that people who worry too much about other people's lives need to get one!

Kamila said...

Very well said Hanis...! I hate people making issues about other people's life..don't they have their own life... judge their own first! This post makes me feel mad to those people.. or maybe not them.. but to what they do.. I mean... if people are guy.. should we change them..? really? If it's there.. it's there... argghh..!

PurpleMist. said...

Wow. This might be one of my favourite posts on this blog! I am so glad SOMEONE is being reasonable. I'm a muslim too and I agree with everything you said.

Amazing post :)

Hanis. said...

@ Furree, you're amazing because you agree! Haha. Well, more because I like the way you think.

@Mozart, yes, I'm off your back now. I know you love it secretly.

@Jamie, that's so true. I believe in trying to better yourself and not look at others' mistakes.

@Kamila, if they're gay, they're gay. Let it be.

@Purple, I never knew you're muslim. And I'm glad you like this post =)

Aseela Haque said...

OH MY GOD I FEEL THE SAME WAY. A lot of people think it's hypocritical to be a muslim and not be anti-gay.

But I'm like, WHY DO YOU CARE?

Let them be. Live your own life. Go away.

meandmythinkingcap said...

Wow..pretty broadminded and pretty awesome thought and definitely a keeper post.I would love forever for this post alone gal.


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