Wednesday, January 19, 2011

You Need a Smart Boyfriend. It Will Help.

Today, we had an Actuarial Math class. Yes, I'm aware I haven't googled and put up a link for that but I'm too lazy. So, in today's class, the lecturer gave us a quiz. More like, an open-book, discuss it together in the class set of questions.

There were 5 questions. Duration of time taken? One hour and 45 minutes. It was all simple 3 marks questions.


Okay, not simple. But they weren't the elaborate questions which requires loads of working. Yet, the class still took ages until the lecturer took pity on us and gave us clues. The clues led to him answering all 5 of the questions by explaining and deriving formulas on the white board for us.

" I think I'm the one who's doing the quiz,"

Yes, sir. But we did learn loads of stuff which would eventually help us in our upcoming test. *Dies thinking of the test*

Going to the point of this post, the thing that inspired this post, while we were attempting question number four, a friend and I was discussing a very important matter. So important that we ignored our attempt on the mental torture. I'll make it short.

"We need help in our studies."


"We need to get smart boyfriends,"

"With cars,"

"Wait, we still can't park near the faculty due to it all being parking spaces for lecturers,"

"... get young, single and hot lecturers to be our boyfriends?"

*Both of us starts laughing and choking as we try to hold in the volume*

I don't agree with the lecturer part anyway. That will make Mama so pleased she'll choke with joy and start calling every single relative ever known. On both side.*shudders*

So, important lesson for college or uni: Get a smart boyfriend who will be able to help you. And I do mean, teach you. Not do your work for you. Like, duh.

Take that down and remember it kids. *feels like giving another message for the society*

Oh yes, any offers?


Peace Out.


Experiment House said...

*Is tempted to write about that large animal here*

Hanis. said...

Oh hush. There's nothing to write.

Aseela Haque said...

OMG YES. The first thing I'm gonna do when I go to uni is get a smart ass guy to love me.

Hanis. said...

Make sure he's in the same course as you! So he can teach you.


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