Friday, January 28, 2011

Something Went "Clank" In The Washing Machine.

Part One

I love sunnies. And my love for them has a reason more than vanity. It seems that my eyes are all fucked up have some glare issues or perhaps its my migraine but I can't stand happy fuckity sunshine joy bright lights. I'll get a headache. That will transform into a migraine.

Yes, this includes turning on lights when it is decently sunny outside.

Yes, it suits my vampire tendencies of I hate the sun so let me wallow in the shade or inside a building.

My current sunnies is just waiting to be disposed because yours truly someone accidentally sat on them and cracked some of the frames so it's a bit useless, as in going to break apart. I've been yapping about buying a new one for a while now but I never have money ( Hanis, you buy the cheap knock off ones that's only 10 Ringgit. And yes, Hanis, you know how harmful that can be but you swear you'll buy the expensive ones that will truly protect your eyes when you get a rich boyfriend) or I haven't come across a pair I like.

I like em big.

Well, not that big since I got chipmunk cheeks full cheeks that will hurt with those big frames. But you know, vintage-ish that will look good on me. And cover the area around my eyes properly.

Part Two

Mama wears glasses. I wear contacts. She hates the glare too (Like mother, like daughter) so for years, she has this clip on dark shades for her glasses. You know what I'm talking about right? It has this magnetic thingie that will stick the thin dark shades on top of the lenses so ta-da! You'll have instant sunglasses.

Few months ago, she bought this pair of BIG sunnies that people wear over glasses. There's even small lenses at the sides so the sunshine won't hit from the sides. How much did it cost her? 50 ringgit. I lusted after it. Like, begged her to give me it. She keeps it in the car and if I'm driving alone, I'll use hers.

Today, someone, I swear not me, accidentally slipped them into the laundry basket. And I washed the clothes. Mama was the witness to the clanking sounds. When it was all done, I took out the clothes and found the dark lenses. And the frame, lenseless.

Yes, that's the frames on my bed. See the empty spaces at the sides?

Hanis: I swear it wasn't me who put it in.

Mama: Oh well, I'll send it to the store to put the lenses back in.

Hanis: ... Can't I have the frames and get my lenses fit in so it will be my normal pair of glasses?

Mama: You barely wear your glasses.

Hanis: I do wear them! At night ... or when I don't go out at all...

As I type this, I got the frames on. Lenseless of course. It looks so cool to me. On me. I don't care if you think it looks geeky or not cool enough. I love them. Ignore the fact that I just changed the lenses on my glasses about a month ago. Or that if I get this frames, I'll have two pair of glasses.

Lil bro just walked in and stared at me. Mama walked in earlier and stared too. I know, I look that gorgeous.

Here's to all the work I have to do during my week long break. And to my might-be moping around.

Peace Out.

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