Monday, July 23, 2012

Drinking Obsession.

Its the third day of Ramadan and I already see the pattern this time around. For my 17th Ramadan of fasting, I am obsessed with drinks.

Like, I'll think what drink will fill up that jug on the table when we break our fast. I'll open the fridge and ogle the bottles of cold water. I'll think of how I'll make a nice tall glass of Iced Milo before bedtime. I'll look at the jug of water on my table, telling myself that I'm gonna drink it all down.

God Hanis, you're supposed to be a pro at this fasting gig.

On the first day, we had rose syrup with lemon. Yesterday we had a combination of rose syrup, ice cream soda and condensed milk which is so yummylicious. Today, I'll sooth my throat with some Sunquick.

Oh yes.

Right now, I'm just imagining all the drinks I'll be drinking once Ramadan ends. I'll be wasting all my money on those sugary cold drinks. Such as those chocolate mint bubble teas and that venti dark mocha. Perhaps I'll make a jug of iced lemon tea, or just a tall glass of iced water.

Can you just imagine all the drinks you can have? All that coolness sliding in your mouth and throat.


Excuse me while I go and wait for time to break my fast with a glass of cold Sunquick.

1 comment:

Mark said...

All I drink these days is water and occasionally blackcurrent dilute. I don't miss soda at all really. I think if you're fasting it might be best to stick to water, but you've been doing this stuff a lot longer than I ever have. Or will. So you are technically the pro.


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