Monday, July 30, 2012

Late Birthday Review.

Turning 23 has been different than turning 22 where I don't even remember what happened. I turned 21 while crying a heartbreak. 20 was of guilt. So, thankfully my birthday this year was nice.

I got wishes from classmates, friends and Facebook friends. Mokesart stayed up till it was midnight my time to wish me. And I totally acted like a brat the whole of next day because it was my birthday. (Not really)

The parents got me this amazing watch. It all started a month ago when I saw this FCUK watch that I fell in love with. Mama was against the brand's name so I marketed it to Dad as French Connection instead. Somehow, they went to look for it and sadly, the catalogue is prettier than the display where I don't mean the watches are ugly, there's just not as much choice.

Maybe because I'm against those overly feminine watches with chain straps.

I then left it to my parents' wonderful taste (I mean it) and what I got, was a beautiful Ted Baker watch that came in a purple box shaped like a book. Dad joked that it was my Ted Bundy watch >.> .

Mokesart got me 2 presents. No, there was no engagement/promise ring. The first one is this pretty journal made of recycled papers and the second one arrived a bit late, two button badges that proclaimed my love of reading.

And that was my birthday.

Now, what to get for Mozart.


Mark said...

Well you can make the first move and give him a promise ring. But it does sound like a good day :) My birthday was only a few months ago and I don't really remember it. Not a great deal happened though, I know that much. Which would be why I don't remember it. I guess your parents do know you if they got you a watch like that :) I also laughed when my school banned FCUK shirts because of the name. I wonder if the FCUK guys realise this about their name, or just don't care.

Hanis. said...

Hahaha. I was thinking of something else. A box of stuffs which will kill my purse with the delivery fee. And, I think you're the official president of the Hanis and Mozart fan club.

I think the FCUK people sees it as a marketing strategy, get more attention.

Lioness Without A Pride said...


Glad you had a great day

chimidama said...

hey hanis!

happy belated birthday..

and agreed with you. even i couldn't help to pronounce in my head FCUK as the F word. :(


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