Monday, July 2, 2012

My Brain is a Douchebag.

I wrote this days ago. But trust me, this happens.

Most of the time, my brain is pretty nice to me. But when finals are approaching, it turns into a mega douchebag.

Last night, I was about to fall asleep around 1 in the morning when my brain suddenly decided to shout out equations that I had to use few hours earlier. Did that help me doze off? No.

Based on the two previous semesters, the level of douchebaggery would increase over time.

After this, it will take the pleasure to remind me of the things I still haven't covered every single time I'm about to nap/fall asleep.

Then, when the exam is really close I'll be sitting up in bed suddenly, cold sweat from the thought my brain just sent with such clear clarity.

"You will get a B fail."

And on the day of the exam, it will decide to take some overtime by poking at me with "You'll forget everything the moment you see the questions." which can get really convincing.

So by the time I'm sitting behind the desk, writing down my name while waiting for the time to start, I'll be pale, hands shaking, heart beating fast while my mouth runs dry.

Once its all over, my brain would repeat the process for the next subject.

Until I finish all of them.

Then, my brain will take a holiday where it will occasionally pop up to remind me.

"Remember how you answered that question wrong? That just kicked your A to a C"

Once a week till I get my results. It will even make me dream of failing my finals in my sleep.

Oh joy.

1 comment:

Mark said...

I'm sure you'll pass :) All brains do that. If it's any consolation seeing the questions is likely to trigger recall actually (I think, I have no real basis for this theory) so even if something is forgotten, the answers will pop in to your brain. Assuming they're still there somewhere.


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