Saturday, June 30, 2012

Ten Minutes to Midnight.

I wrote this last night while being so sleepy. So excuse the sentences/mistakes. The first exam went okay-ish. I hope.

Its 29 minutes to midnight, 29 minutes to Saturday. 9 hours and 29 minutes to my first paper.

My body is so exhausted that I spent the last 90 minutes reading my notes, muttering to myself the 11 steps of the Directed Data Mining Methodology. I've lived on 8 hours of sleep since Wednesday. No, I didn't spent the rest studying. Well, half were spent studying/discussing/wishy washy around with my notes in front of me.

Its become routine for me to wake up at 8-8.30 in the morning. Read, write notes while taking frequent short breaks by playing Peggle or watching 5 minutes from an episode of House.

I haven't talked to Mokesart since Monday night. He's been MIA, I've been studying with such a lack of good internet connection. Let me give you a recap on how my week went so far.

Monday: Woke up at 8.30, studied/watched House, spend time in library for about 4 hours, have dinner, study then sleep.

Tuesday: Holed myself up in my room, studying/watching House/play games.

Wednesday: Studied in the morning, went to study with friends in Starbucks. I was really hungry for my first meal at 3pm so I bought an Iced combination from Krispy Kreme. Did you know that they got some donuts that aren't overly sweet?
Had dinner, go back, studied.

Thursday: Woke up at 8, was at library by 10.30 before having lunch at 3.30. Stayed till closing time at 6 (I fully believe that libraries should be 24-Hours). Got back to room at 10 minutes to 7. And then, went to another library at 8. Stayed till 12, went for late late dinner and was in bed at 3.

Friday: Woke up at 7.55, cried "I neeed more sleeeep" into my pillow before getting ready. Went breakfast with friends, arrived at library at 10. Had lunch. Discussed topics. Starbucks' Happy Hour, my Dark Mocha was half price. No, I'm not wide awake. Had dinner of Naan bread. And here I'am.

Ten minutes to midnight.


Mark said...

It's true libraries should be open 24 hours but I don't see it happening. Any time soon anyway. You've really, really, really studied a lot this week, and it's a shame you had no Mokesart. That would have it a bit more bearable. I just hope you haven't burnt yourself out.

PurpleMist. said...

Omg, reading this makes me think about how free I am compared to you!

Glad the first exam was okay, and let's hope the rest are good too!

Good luck!

Juli said...

See, now if you replace studying with working, you'd have my life.

Right down to the burring my head into the pillow...


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