Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Oh, You're So Modest.

"Oh you're just being modest."

Modesty is something sensitive. If you don't be all modest, you're seen as cocky. If you overdo it, its really annoying and borders with holier-than-thouness.

I've known this girl who praised me to the sky when I got high marks for a test, but when she's one of the highest she goes on how it was just luck and that it took her double the effort to get those marks.

The same thing goes for nearly every single test and I'm told that I'm rich when I buy a new book.

It smacked of something icky and it was annoying as hell.

I've known people who really grabbed onto their "weakness" and squeeze the self pity juice out of it.

Like, how they didn't score a well for a subject.

"You know me, I'm dumb when it comes to so and so."

Or how they don't have the fucking stupid standard of Asian beauty aka fair skin.

"I'm so dark."

To the first, I pffted and rolled my eyes, telling them they're crap.

To the second, I told them that Akon is dark. Black, if you must. And that being fair skinned doesn't mean you're pretty.

Oh, but isn't this a bit of Hanis being a hypocrite?

I've said to Mokesart numerous times of me being ugly/fat/not so pretty but let me tell you, its not me being "modest". Its me being realistic of how fucked up the society is.

When I say "Who wants to be my boyfriend?" it doesn't mean I'm feeling self pity. It means that I pity the guys who's missing out this fine piece of specimen.

Even though I can say that I'm gorgeous, amazing, wonderful and a total great catch, I still get my down phases but still, I don't go all "humble" on your asses.

And when I do, Mokesart is ready to give me a cyber smack on the back of my head. (Yes, this is sappy-ish)

And when I go "I can't do this subject, I'm going to faillll!!"

It is just me being dramatic and panicky. I know I'm smart enough and when I fail, its usually due to my laziness and super bad time management.

So, stop being so "modest", be realistic.

Stop your self pity, pity the people who don't see your amazingness.



Mark said...

I am super modest. Super self pitying , super self loathing. But when I put myself down, I feel like I am being realistic, like that is who I really am.

Juli said...

Nope. Not me. I am Awesome. With a capitol A. :)

That's what all the vices in my head say, so therefore it must be true.


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