Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesday Morning.

Usher is crooning "I'm your man, you're my girl, I'm gonna tell the whole wide world" in my ear as I sit here, 20 mins to 9am of Tuesday. Beside my laptop is the pile of books I'm becoming a slave to. Oh how I wish its a pile of books by J.R. Ward, Stephen King and Marian Keyes instead of "Survival Models and Their Estimation", the answer guide to that book and my notebook.

I've started mentally counting the hours I spend studying everyday though I know that its the quality, rather than the quantity as proven by last semester. Which just reminds me of the heavy expectation on my shoulders. My parents haven't said anything but from their casual questions on my exam schedule, I know what they're hoping.

Trust me, I have my pride pushing me on.

Beside me is a mug of instant coffee, luke warm and just waiting for my first sip, unlike the half empty bottle of mineral water. Hah, just proven to you guys that I'm the half empty glass kinda person.

I'll be going to the library today, study and discuss with friends. Then after dinner, I'll try to put in some more hours. Unlike the popular method of students, I don't stay up late to study. If I do, I'll be sleeping till noon, wasting the day and messing up my body's schedule. So I had to turn down a friend's invitation of studying all night at the library with her and another friend.

"You got brown eyes, like no one else."

The coffee is bitter and milky in my mouth. Perhaps I should start studying a bit, before I get the call that we're going to the library.


Mark said...

Well like you said quality is more important than quantity. So try not to burn yourself out.

Juli said...

Oh how I miss the days of classes and learning. Someday.... you will miss Tuesday mornings like this.

Furree Katt said...

Have you read Under The Dome which you bought way back in Feb? If you haven't, DROP EVERYTHING AND READ IT RIGHT NOW. It is a long, rewarding and satisfying read.

Hanis. said...

@Mark: I'm trying but fear keeps pushing me.

@Juli: I miss it when I'm on my month long break, then I'll hate it on my first day back. Haha.

@Furree: I think, I got like a... third left. But NOW NOWWW. Cause its finals.


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