Saturday, June 2, 2012

With June Comes Planning.

Finals is starting end of this month, up to mid of July. Then on the 21st, the holy month of fasting will start which means that for the first time in my 23 years, my birthday is during a fasting month.

Right now I'm just thinking how much information I need to cram, understand and absorb. I'm feeling a heavier burden compared to last semester. God.

This time around the schedule is not as insane as before. No 3 papers in a row. No cramming in 5 papers in 10 days. I'm thankful for that but still, I need to set up my studying schedule. What subject to study when. This might seem silly to others but for me, its done to stop me from panicking.

You know, the panicking where you feel like there's plenty of other topics in other subjects for you to study. But then if you want to study another subject, you realised that you know shit on the one you're currently trying to study. BOOM.

That is how, boys and girls, I once found myself curled up in a blanket, crying that I'll fail. (Well, I did but that's like in my dark diploma days)

Yes, I do offer my services in helping you plan your studying. Haha. For a fee of a book.

Talking of books, I try to not buy any a month before finals in order to motivate myself in getting through those exams. But then, this is when there's this bookstore holding a stock clearance sale. While another is selling books for half the normal price. God, why now?

With that, I end this post with my normal welcoming of a new month.

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Mark said...

I don't really know about all the situations, but you need to exploit this book sale while you can. You can always buy books now and wait until after finals so you have something to look forward to. Good luck with all that studying though. Studying is Hell. So are exams.


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