Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rant with Some Feminism.

Back in my grandmother's days, people say that education should not be wasted on women.As long as they know how to write, read and do the basic math, that is enough and off to learn in the kitchen they went.

Back in my mother's days, people say that no matter how qualified a woman's education and work is, they will still go back to the kitchen.

I thought now, in 2012, only idiots who were brought up by mothers who lack female empowerment or fathers who teach their kids that women are below men, would be the one sprouting such shitness.

If it's a guy who said those kind of things, he's an arsehole who would one day get slapped for saying something like that.

If a girl who said those kind of things, I'm going to go all emo bitch feminist on her ass.

Last week, I got super mad at what perhaps might be one of the most stupid things I heard coming from a girl, and trust me, I've heard plenty enough.

"But he's rich."

Talking about wealth, you can only be proud of it when its yours. Not when its money from your parents' wallet. Its nothing to be proud of too if its heritage.

"Women have to marry early."

What the fuck. So do enlighten me, when you're getting married, is it because you want to or is it because its the right thing to do?

"If you marry late, the chance of you getting a Down Syndrome is bigger."

Back up a bit. First of all, not everyone gets married to have a baby.

"So you're gonna get marry just for sex."

Oh ho ho. Those are words from someone who's clearly still immature hence still thinking that if someone "likes sex", they're a slut/ho/immoral.

So you're gonna get married because you have to and have babies because you have to too? First rule of becoming a parent: Just cause you can have babies, doesn't mean that you'll be a good parent.

"If you don't have kids, who's gonna take care of you when you're old?"

Oh god. Such noble intention of having children. TO TAKE CARE OF YOU. Stop being so freaking dependant.

"Islam makes it compulsory for its followers to marry and have kids, expand the number of Muslims."

BULL. FUCKING. SHIT. That is really the worst crap I ever ever ever heard.

*takes a deep breath to calm myself down*


Alright, I'm calm.

The thing that really got me mad was the fact that those things came from a girl. I was this close to saying something really bad. And another thing that happened last year was when I heard some friends saying they want a husband with good religious presence so they can guide their wife.

Ok, I know we should look for something like that, but why don't you just go and fucking guide yourself? This is not one of those silly Malay novels where the wild city girls meet that nice religious guy who will help them turn over a new leaf.

As Mama said, if you want a nice guy, be nice yourself.


Mark said...

Your mama is a wise woman. As are you. There are still a lot of men who make kitchen jokes, but I think the number who actually think like that is a lot lower. When a woman does it though it is pretty bad. The sad fact is there are a lot of women who think like that. Like the ones who grow up wanting to marry footballers and actors. There are even instructional videos on how to bag a footballer. Women's equality has come a long way, but it's still lacking thanks to the actions of not just men, but women too.

Randomhyper. said...

I love you for this post. I'd go all feminist on her too. Living in Pakistan, a lot of people still think this way, shockingly an equal amount of men and women alike. When half of it isn't true, it's all social stigma and culture! And about "expanding Islam", that's like making Islam sound like a cult. It isn't. Marriage is first for you, then for your future children. People need to be sat down and TAUGHT.

Maryam A. said...

This is so true. I agree with you. People need to grow up and broaden their horizons. Thanks for penning this down. Kudos! (Y)

Izzy Hilliard said...


Hanis. said...

@Mark: I know, she's awesome in some ways but at the mention of son-in-law, she gets all "Hanis, when are you giving me one?" God, there's videos like that? Yucccckkk.

@Randomhyper: A cult xD Haha, you're right. I've met people with tons of kids, saying its Allah's blessings. Yeah, but when those kids have to live on hand-me-downs just because the number of kids to money ratio is way off, its not a blessing.

@Maryam: Thankk you. Its frightening how people can still think like that in this age.

@Izzy: Hahaha. PERFECT MATERIAL. Don't get me started on other qualities I've heard are "hot" from girls.


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