Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ranting About Abortions.


What do you think of that?

What I don't get is how some male politicians/stateman/senators/public figures are against it.

Do they have the risk of getting pregnant?

I'm not even going to answer that. Like, unless you're the father of the baby or the person who will be responsbile for it in some way, you should just shut it.

I'm in the middle of Camp "Anti-Abortion" and Camp "Its Her Body". It's like: if you were raped and you got pregnant, I'm all for aborting it. If you were told the baby will be seriously defected and will be going through a hard life of pain and surgeries with a minimal chance of surviving, why put the pain on them? I know there are couples who do that. Take care of the baby. So the kid will know that it is loved. But come on, not everyone can go through the pain of losing a child.

Spare me the freaking "killing a human being" guilt talk. Tell that to the couple who's been childless for years and when she finally got pregnant, the doctor tells her that it's very risky, mortal-risk but they still go on because dear hubby would love the child or the wife wants to at least, leave something for her family.

As far as I know, that wife who could be risking her life is a human being too. Which guilt will be worse, aborting the child or having the mother die due to complications?

Looking at the other side of the coin, if you're going to do an abortion, again, why don't you just go and get your tubes tied? First time might be an accident but more than that, you're plain stupid.

You should look at other factors too such as culture and religion. In some places, having a baby out of wedlock is normal. In others, well, having a baby out of wedlock here would be gossip. People will think differently of you. I don't blame a woman here if she wants to get an abortion. Just don't be stupid and do anything to put yourself in that situation again.

Its your body but don't abuse it.

Guys, its just ... its not you who have to experience having a watermelon being pushed out of a kiwi sized hole.


DWei said...

Pro-choice all the way. I actually tried to do a paper that discussed both sides of the issues but in the end, the Pro-life arguments that I found were so flawed and unrelated I completely switched sides.

PurpleMist. said...

I agree with everything you said.
Most importantly, it should be the woman's choice, because, as you said very expressively:
its not you who have to experience having a watermelon being pushed out of a kiwi sized hole.


Adam said...

I had to head-up a table at a local community event for one of the non-profits that I volunteer for (sexual violence and domestic violence) and they set my table up next to the Pro-life people.

It was awful.

The woman at the table was brainwashed and nasty, and asked me flat-out if I was pro-life, and it's a difficult question when what the person is really asking is are you pro-life according to how I define it?

I am very pro-life, but that has absolutely nothing to do with abortion because no one is certain when life begins.

At the event people kept asking for my perspective in the situations of pregnancy resulting from rape, which was hard to profess with Miss Pro-life interrupting to say there's no reason not to consider adoption. I personally think that even just the pregnancy itself can be traumatic, especially if it disfigures the body. A victim of sexual violence that conceived a child may not want to admit it to her future partners, and it's kind of hard for her to make that choice when her stomach clearly shows that she had been pregnant.

But I absolutely agree with you, people need to govern their own lives according to their beliefs and have more respect for other people. We're not talking about scientific evidence, it's just opinion.
And everyone seems to love addressing the problem when it's too late (after babies have been conceived) when really they should be applying their efforts to educating people on safer sexual practices.


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