Thursday, September 8, 2011

After Four Months.

The last time I had such ample time to laze around and let my mind gather dust was back in 2007 during that 7 months between taking that last paper for high school (it was the evil Biology) and starting uni. It was .. bad. Like, my hand became a stranger to the concept of writing. My mind found the thought of sitting in a class and concentrating for 2 hours as torture.

That, kinda affected my studies for that first semester. I was a walking dusty mind. With shaky handwriting.

My four months of lazing my mind is coming to an end as I'm starting my new semester on Monday. I'm already in "Damn it, I'm sooo lazy" way of thinking.

1st thought: Yeay!! Back to school.

2nd thought: Damn it. No more lazing about.

3rd thought: I need to buy school supplies.

4th thought: God, look at all the subjects I have to take.

Seriously, the 4th thought is so scary I can't even remember the name of my subjects. There's 7 in all, just like last semester. But there's plenty of differences.

Last semester, I had Marketing and Economics to help me. I'm a girl in a math related degree who excels in memorising subjects. This time around? Its all math, apart from English(Report Writing ffs) and Arabic 2 (Kill me someone. No, go back to when I was registering for Arabic 1 and make me take Germany or Italian). Well, I think its all math.

Let me consult my self-made schedule.

I just got a headache from looking at the names of my subjects.

Kill me someone. Just freaking kill me with a hatchet or a chainsaw.

*clears throat* Sorry for that mild panic attack readers.

This wonderful 2nd semester of being a degree student, I'll be commiting intellectual/mental suicide taking:

1. Risk Modelling - What is it? I have no idea. Nothing to do about the risk of models falling off catwalks and tripping over a dress with a price tag that can feed my family for a year. I think.

2. Fundamentals of Regression Analysis- This, is something I know I learned 2 years ago. It was the last chapter if I'm not mistaken of Applied Statistics. God. A whole subject on that?

3. Actuarial Programming - I figure I'll be using the computer lab for this. A wild guess. Just cause there's Programming in the name does not mean it would be another Visual Basic Programming Hanis. *falls to knees* Please please please. That subject was torture. And I had to take it twice and still came out with a C+.

4. Stochastic Modelling for Actuarial Application - Sto-freaking-what? That sums it up I think.

5. Actuarial Maths 2 - Finally, something I know of. Its a continuation of Actuarial Maths 1 from last semester. I got a ... B for it. Hey, that's good for someone who stuffed herself with the bloody subject for few days before the paper. I swear my grade was jeopordised because I had no clue what to do when they ask for... this one particular type of .. something. I don't remember.

6. Report Writing - Great, another English subject that will be boring. What has happened to English classes that are fun?

7. Arabic 2 - I can only say "I'm so hungry" in Arabic with confidence. Ana jaw'an jiddan. Forgive me for the spelling errors in the 3 words.

At the moment, the schedule is a bit topsy-turvy since there's two slots that have two classes in it. Like, on Tuesday 2pm, I got Arabic AND Sto-freaking-what. Like, I need a Time-Turner please. I'll need it on Monday and Tuesday.

What will I do with my last few days? Enjoy my sleeping time. Like, duh. And, blog. I'm so lacking behind in my posts.



Experiment House said...

Hahahaha. At least my units are more descriptive :P

cricketfreak said...

Oh geez they look so boring!


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