Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Its a Shallow Pool We're From.

There's two kinds of guys. The first one proclaims, with a degree of honesty, that they value appearances. The second one however, bangs on how about inner beauty and personality are core. This group can be divided into two with a ratio of 9:1. The majority to me, is such a mystery since they go crazy for that oh-so-pretty girl who can't be bitchier if she tried when there's a perfectly nice girl who's not as attractive.

Like, what the fuck is that?

Mozart said that people are fundamentally shallow.

Noelle said that those guys were probably hoping that there will be a somewhat decent personality under all those oozing hotness.

What do I say?

I think that people are too hung up by what society think is attractive. That a person wants to be with someone who they'll be able to gloat about, to get approval for. Its an ego thing. You have someone who's attractive in society's eyes, your own ratings increase.

Fuck. That.

I've heard:

"Yeah, she can be a bit bitchy/controlling/clingy but damn, she's hot"

But never:

"She might not be so pretty but she's soo great"

Now now, don't think I'm just banging on how guys are shallow shitheads. Girls can be too. But think of this, I've seen more couples where the girl is far more attractive compare to couples where the guy is far more attractive. Celebrities, rich people, etc, don't count.

Like, haven't you people heard that beauty fades, wealth gets spent? Or are you guys too caught up in comparing beauties?

Today, I heard something that made me so mad, few hours later I teared up out of anger from it.

Friend A: C(a guy friend) said that if friend B loses weight, one of the guys will go for her.

First of all, C, you're an idiot for even passing that on. This is a situation where I truly believe in killing the messenger. If this topic ever surfaces when I'm around, I'll get really mad.

Second, whoever that guy is, he's a piece of shit. A jerk. Who doesn't even deserve B, not even her little finger right now. Who the fuck do you think you are? Putting on conditional probability in life. I swear if I ever find out who you are, you'll find yourself getting smacked on the back of your head. With a chair.

And its not even about me.

Over the weekend I got ranty. Or melancholic.

Statement 1: If I lose weight, I might be attractive in society's eyes.
Statement 2: Guys who were ignoring me before might give me attention.
Statement 3: Those guys are only going for the outer part.

Mozart: People are shallow.

Noelle: Did something happened? Is something wrong?

Yes, I lost faith in people.

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Randomhyper. said...

YES. YESYESYES. I absolutely and totally agree. GOD. Why do guys have to be like that? Who gave them the right to put conditions on how and why they will be with a girl? And you know, bottom line is, if you're pretty, you're dumb, and if you're average/not pretty, you're nice. I'd take the latter any day.


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