Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Remember Me By.

Mozart's dad once gave him a piece of advice which to me sounded like it should be included in the Book of Wisdom.

"Live life as though you were reading your own eulogy".

This made me think beyond of what I want in life. It kinda made me see things in a new perspective. It made me not look at what to achieve in my lifetime. But to look at what I want to achieve after my lifetime.

You must be confused right now.

As a bookworm, a person who loves to buy books and collect them, I won't be concerned on people commenting on what I read. I'll be more concerned on what my children will their children about me when I'm no longer on this planet.

"My mother was very well-read and loved spending hours in a bookstore."

God, bad example, right?

*imagines Mozart facepalms*

I'll just go straight to the point.

When I die, I'll want people to talk about me in a way. I want my children to tell their grandchildren about me. I want someone to get a soft look in their eyes as they smile, saying

"She was and will always be loved"

Simple as that. Nothing about how different I am. Nothing about my dreams. All I want to be remembered for is that I was loved.

It doesn't sound that difficult to achieve, right?

What do you want to be remembered by/as?


r.alsharif said...

I can't believe I understood that! :p Inshallah they all remember you for something good. I want to be remembered for greatness.

ishashime said...

well, that sounds like a nice thing to be remembered by. :)
and ohmydagsoifasgf! james franco! :)))))


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