Saturday, September 3, 2011

Part Two of My Absence.

I put on 2lbs in 5 days. Which mind you, is good considering my track record of gaining 2lbs for each 1lb I lose in the fasting month.

That was a piece of info I thought you guys might like.

My Eid was ... alright. Its often the kids who enjoy it. Or the people who live so far away from their family. Me? I try to do as minimum work as I can. What, work on a day of celebration?

Well, we take the chance to visit families and neighbours and friends. For some, this is the annual chance to oooh and ahh over Mr A's new house or take a lookie at the marriage candidates pool.


I'm just kidding.

Its mostly catching up with each other, remarking on how pretty/big/well you look while filling yourself up with cookies and yummy food. Then you'll go on to the next house and when it comes to the 3rd house, you'll pat your tummy and say

"I just had a lot to eat at So-and-so's house. Have to watch my waist! Har har har"

I visited my mom's youngest uncle and his family. Of course, I ate some while his grandchildren and my little cousins run amok around me. The mothers were too busy remarking on how pretty the outfits were this year.

Another piece of info. We buy new traditional clothes, dress to the nines(for some) and try to pass it off as "This old thing? I only bought it last minute/at a 50% discount/few months ago/at a horrifying sum"

Then, my grandma's house were attacked by her nephews and nieces with their respective families. I was stuck in the kitchen or to be more precise, the sink after changing into casual clothes. Can you imagine the number of plates I have to wash when at first 3 cars came, then another 5?

It was kinda hectic that I didn't get to have my lunch until it was dinner time. Yes, a bit of exaggeration there but still. I sneaked off at 4pm to sleep in a room that had no ceiling fans, or any kind of wind provider. I woke up an hour later all sweaty with an oily face.

Day 2 started with my attempt at wooing my 1 year old cousin. Close but no cigar you know? We( my family and 3 more aunts and their families) went to visit my mom's younger brother.

Yada yada yada.

It was alright. We headed back home on the 3rd day and here I'am, spending my day lazily. Chores and sleeping. HEAVEN.

And that's where I went off to.

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