Thursday, October 18, 2012

Two Camps.

Just in case you didn't notice, here's my latest story.

This evening, there will be a presentation session for Literature Review of all the students in my course who's doing their Final Year Project. We are perhaps the first batch doing this and you can just imagine chaos in all the preparation.

There's two camps.

One camp tells me that for the presentation of your Lit Review, its pretty simple where you only have to find points and references to answer the three main questions concerning your project.

What, why and how.

And we need to print out the slides, and give a copy to the each member of the panel of lecturers.

5 minutes presentation.

Easy, right?

I thought so until I heard what the other camp thought of the presentation.

According to them, we need to hand in the full Literature Review part of the proposal during today's presentation. And according to them, we will be bombarded with questions. Be treated like the spy caught behind enemy's lines.

I got pale listening to that.

I started to feel the fluttering of panic.

I took a deep breath, consulted with the first camp and made a plan with my group.

There won't be time for all 17 groups to present today so some will be doing so on Friday, 3pm. We'll finish our slides, make it snazzy and all but will just sit back and watch the others have a go.

If anyone from the first camp get a lecture on being too simple, we'll pray that we won't get called on so there will be time for us to redo our slides.

Good plan? Well, it relies on chance. But as Mamon said it, just present and keep your head high at the lecture then just make the corrections.


Wish me luck. I'll be taking a long much needed sleep once we're done with this presentation. And maybe a nice drink and anything that will de-stress me.

Once more, latest story.


Ghadeer said...

Good luck, hope it goes well!

Mark said...

Well I hope the first camp is right. I can't imagine them being too tough with you but if they are, I'm sure you can get through it.

Laila N Mysis said...

AHHH! The questioning! That's terrifying. I feel your pain.

Best of luck ^^


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